Here comes the blog

Hi everyone.  This is the course blog for section 2 of SOA111, Introduction to Anthropology, at Alma College.  This is a four-field anthropology class that emphasizes hands-on experiences at doing anthropology. Throughout the term we’ll be collecting and posting data here, along with blogs about interesting anthropological topics.  Soon you’ll see several posts by students, defining the terms their blogging psuedonyms are based on.

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4 Responses to Here comes the blog

  1. zakkary hardyniec says:

    This is zakk, signed up and trying to do my home work…. Not sure what i am supposed ot be posting on here.

  2. riteofpassage111 says:

    This is riteofpassage seeing if i can fiqure out bloging with soa111

    • Megan M. says:

      hmm, riteofpassage111, i’m not seeing you on the list of authors in the blog. Did you try clicking on the link in the invitation? That should bring you to a place where you can create your login name and get connected to the blog as an author.

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