Nacirema assignment

I wasn’t paying enough attention to the clock today, so our discussion of assignment 2 was cut short.  Assignment 2 is posted in the assignments section of the blog.  It’s fairly straightforward – write your own Nacirema essay.  Make sure you read Horace Miner’s article on the Nacirema from your reader first, so you have a good idea of what we’re looking for.

  • You CAN use the same topic as someone else, lots of people will pick the same thing.  I suggest you don’t read other folks posted blogs until yours is finished, so you don’t find their ideas creeping into your own essays though.
  • You CAN make grandiose interpretations of the culture that may not be right – so long as you can support them with your data, the way Miner supports his discussion of our obsession with healing charms and holy-mouth-men.
  • You CAN choose a topic other than the suggestions on the assignment sheet, those are just some ideas I came up with.
  • Have fun with this assignment.  I look forward to seeing what you discover about our culture!
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