Rite of passage

My name is rite of passage

A rite of passage is defined as: A ritual associated with a crisis or change of status for an individual. During the 20th century an Anthropologist by the name of Arnold Van Gennep studied different cultures and how they used different ritual ceremonies to celebrate the changes of an individuals. The ritual ceremonies were used to mark transitions from one phase of life to another. One ritual ceremony  that seemed to be visiable in all cultures was sexual maturity.He proceeded to call these ceremonies “rites of passage”. Some examples of rites of passages are: birth, puberty, graduation,marriage,retirement, and death. 




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One Response to Rite of passage

  1. Megan M. says:

    hmm, some of your links aren’t working – can you check those out?
    Also – to be clear, it’s not so much birth or death itself that is the rite of passage, as the rituals we do relating to them (like funerals and naming ceremonies).

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