Eulb Nobbir

Traditions and rites of passage are fundamental to the Nacirema.  None moreso than in a small section of the Nacirema known as Amla Egelloc.  Inside of this small community is a tribe of entertainers – referred to amongst their peers as the BMK – who long to replicate another culture all together.  They dawn plaided garb and rabbits feet every other week in order to preform an elaborate showcase of classical Nacirema music.

One particular tradition within the BMK is the Eulb Nobbir.  It is a right of passage into the lairs of familiarity of the BMK.  When a member of this preforming team wants to recieve this pretegious eulb nobbir, they undergo a series of events know as “Going True Tocs”.  For many newcomers this is a nerve-racking experience, due to being forced outside of their comfort zone.    The task of a “True Tocs” is to remove a layer of clothing beneath the heavy plaided garb. 

During warm-ups before the initial preformance, one must inform their tribal leader that they are “True Tocsing it” (which must be a show of confidence of itself).  However, they do not recieve the eulb nobbir right away.  No, the newcomers must go the entirety of the preformance in this way before gaining this elusive prize and becoming part of this elite crew.

At the end of the preformance, if the fresh BMK members have completed this task, their tribal leader rewarsd them greatly.  When looking for a “True Tocs” amoung the BMK, it is quite obvious to find them.  These members proudly show off their eulb nobbir for the rest of the Naciremas to see.  Although small, the eulb nobbir wil from the time of receiving become a part of their preforming instuments from that day on; as will they become a part of the “True Tocs” lineage of the BMK.

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One Response to Eulb Nobbir

  1. Megan M. says:

    I’m so glad someone explained the symbol and significance of the Eulb Nobbir to me this morning, or I might not have believed this! Go Stocs!

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