Nacirema- Koobecaf

September, 16 2010


            Nacirema society has drastically changed over the past years. How you may ask? The answer is technology. Technology has changed the way Nacirema people communicate, interact, learn, spend their time and deal with others.  People now have many ways to get a hold of many people at one specific time. The current technology has created a marvel affecting the way that people relate with one another.

One particular thing that has changed the way that people communicate is koobecaf (Facebook). Koobecaf is an internet networking device that allows Naciremas to post photos and connect with people whom they have not spoken with in many years or even strange strangers. Nacirema people are now overcome by koobecaf. Many people cannot go a day without checking their koobecaf many times and are very disappointed when they have no new snoitacifiton (notifications).

Koobecaf is changing America. Nacirema people at one point were all about privacy and now it seems that people live their life online and for everyone else. People thrive on other Naciremas break ups and drama. This is an example of action anthropology. When koobecaf was created the creator and others knew that it would change society just as escapism (MySpace) did.

The Koobecaf is growing into something bigger then was ever expected. Anthropologists everywhere never expected such a severe change in the way people communicate and I have never realized until now how people prosper off other nacirema people and their personal lives. Through pictures and posts, people make their lives seem so much better or boast over the little things when in all reality their lives aren’t half of what they make them to be. The influence of koobecaf has changed and will continue to change Narcirema culture in years to come. People will stop communicating through linguistics and personal contact but through internet connection or via email. What is America really coming too? It’s no longer a friendly society but a technology based world.

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