The Naciremas have many traditions or rituals that are of great importance to them.  Some of these rituals or rites of passage are only performed with their inclusion at specific times in their life, while they are included in other rituals all throughout their life time. One ritual that is preformed every year, but only includes them at specific times is their life is Noitaudarg.

          Noitaudarg is a time when all the people in one Nacirema society or community get together to celebrate the completion of a part of one’s education. These ceremonies are typically preformed at the early, middle, and complete earning of knowledge. All of which are stages that you only complete once throughout life.

          Throughout all the years of education the Naciremas preach to their students about how they should be individuals and create their own identities. But on the days of these ceremonies everyone is required to wear the same attire and color as those around them. Along with this, they also walk down an aisle surrounded by their classmates and peers. These ritual ceremonies are also marked by a piece of paper stating that one has attained enough knowledge to move to another stage in the education. (Whether you remember what you were taught is another story). After the Naciremas walk across a stage, collect their certificate, and listen to a speech prepared by the most knowledgeable in that class, it is tradition for them to throw their caps into the air at the end of the ceremony and somehow find the one that belongs to them, or at least the one believed to be theirs. They also have a song that everyone in their class and community considers a symbol of this rite of passage.

          After everyone gathers for the traditional ceremony of Noituadarg, the community breaks into smaller and more individual groups to hold parties for their families and friends. These celebrations are spread out over a few months and most are usually held at different times. These festivities are more likely to have their own themes and individual set ups honoring the Etaudarg. Nacirema people view these ceremonies as a time to present the Etaudarg with money and gifts for the future.

Noitaudarg is a time used by Naciremas to celebrate the earning of knowledge at different times in one’s life. Though everyone learns and remembers different things, it is all celebrated the same way. It is celebrated with attire of the same color and a song or phrase that the entire class knows. All of which is proceeded buy the offer of money, gifts, and higher knowledge.

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