Rite of Passage into Adulthood-Nacirema Essay

Rites of Passage into Adulthood 

            The Nacirema people have been around for centuries and through out the years they have acquired many exotic traditions and ceremonies. One of the many rituals that the youth participate in is a rite of passage into adulthood known as Morp.

Morp is an evening filled with deafening music, and unusual dance practices.

            The Nacirema training institutions arrange these Morp rituals. Nacirema people are required to attend the training institutions for a minimum of twelve years. If they fail to complete the twelve years, they are looked down upon by other members of their society. However, the Morp ritual is optional.

            Before the Morp rituals, some females choose to go through abnormal and sometimes painful operations in order to alter their appearance. One of these operations includes a hair removal procedure. When undergoing the hair removal process the females wipe the area of their body with scorching wax, and then place a fabric over the waxed area. Next, they tear the fabric off, and there is no hair in that area but rather some blood resin.

Females also smear their faces with colorful paints and glitters to modify their facial appearance. In addition to the facial paints, they also burn the hair on their head with scorching hot metal rods. The metal rods form the hair into unique shapes.

When the young adults arrive at the destination of the Morp Ritual, they are dressed in a variety of robes. The males are generally dressed in black or white ceremonial attire. The women commonly wrap themselves in colorful cloth. Some females choose to wrap their whole body while others use a small amount of fabric.

Morp has several smaller rituals intertwined in it. Some of these smaller rituals are ceremonial dances and photographs. The ceremonial dances consist of thunderous music in which the young adults grope on one another. Photographs are taken of the separate clans during festivities.

The last event of the night is the crowning ceremony. The young adults vote on whom is to be crowned the King and Queen of Morp. When voting, the natives choose who is to be crowned not by who is the strongest leader, but rather who is the most popular and beautiful among the tribe. After a king and queen are crowned, they do not rule the others of their society. Being crowned is a ranking in the tribe; the king and queen have no power over the other individuals. Morp typically soon ends after this point in the ceremony.

In conclusion, the Morp ritual takes place year after year. This ceremony represents the coming of age for each new generation of the Nacirema civilization.

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