The society, which resides between The Big Apple and The Stars, are named the Nacirema. This society tends to have a perfection obsession. They want to be the never ending society, which never ages. Contributing to this obsession are the Crème makers, Face suppliers, and Doll Doctors who brain wash the Nacirema into thinking they need to have flawless, perfection when it comes to their bodies.

The Nacirema are continuously concerned about the image they portray to the rest of society. To be accepted in this society you must never, ever reveal your true age. It is so important to conceal your age that many families do not know the true age of the others in that family. You would be able to conceal this information by using crèmes that look like crushed leaves, and all sorts of colorful liquids to paint your face. Some even go to the extent of visiting the Doll Doctor and having him mold them into perfection. Every day the Nacirema are subjected to the constant presentation of these goods. They are being told this by many different kings and queens of perfection.

Beauty is essential to social survival in this society; it starts at a young age when tots are subject to being paraded at pageants. The Nacirema teach their young to stand and look certain ways. If the children do not follow their parent’s advice, they may have consequences. These consequences are usually brought upon those children by society. As these tots grow to become mature members of society they are constantly trying to fix any imperfections that arise. The Nacirema shun any one if they are not willing to alter their selves to create perfection. All of the shunned tend to bury themselves in many different forms. As an outsider coming into the society, you must meet certain qualifications to be accepted. To be accepted you must dress to the highest fashion, wear your hair in certain ways, and be painted in all the right colors.

Although, at the end of everyday they are only as young as the years they have lived, no matter what their appearance may show.

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