Ecnednepedni Yad

Ecnednepedni Yad

The Nacirema are a complex society with numerous ceremonies and celebrations.  One such celebration is known as Ecnednepedni Yad. Nhoj Smada, a Nacirema culture hero, wrote that this anniversary festival would be celebrated by succeeding generations. Every year during the months of the sun, just as Smada wrote, tribes of Nacirema gather across the land to commemorate the time when they left their ancestral home for a new land.

Villages have different rituals, in Silliw the celebration starts late in the afternoon on Ecnednepedni Yad, when the tribes gather to share in a ceremonial feast.  During the celebration, they light magical fires inside giant metal bowls.  When it the flames get big enough they place large amounts of meat overtop of the flames.  When the meat has reached the desired shade of darkness, just before turning black, they take it off the fire and gather around the ceremonial table. The Nacirema put as much food onto their ritual food discs as they will accomodate, so other tribesmen will not take it, and then they find their own space and partake in the feast.

After the Nacirema have eaten as much food as they possibly can, they disperse to rest until it is time to for the great fireball spectacle. While relaxing, the Nacirema drink special ceremonial potions. When everyone is relaxed and the sky is getting dark the great fireball spectacle begins. The Nacirema gather in open fields and set fire to magical trinkets that fly into the air and burst into giant fireballs that light up the sky. After all of the magical trinkets are gone, the Nacirema clap and then go back to their homes, only to return the next year to take part all over again.

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