The Custom of Gnivigsknaht

I have lived among the Nacerima for upwards of a year now, and I have had time to observe some of their most bizarre customs. One that stands out in my mind is the day each year that they set aside for Gnivigsknaht.

On the day of Gnivigsknaht, the Nacerima awake in the early dawn and bundle themselves in some of their nicest garb that is saved for only the most important ceremonial occasions. However, since Gnivigsknaht takes place during the time of year when all the trees are bare and breath becomes visible, the Nacirema all must don their warmest staoc and sevolg to avoid freezing. Some even go as far as to wear a fracs.

A little later in the day, there is a rush of activity on the main travel paths as the Nacerima conduct their magic transport devices towards the dwellings of members of their extended tribe. For most, it is a long arduous journey, but they continue to make it every year.

Upon arrival at the tribal dwellings, all the family members sit down at the elbat and share a feast which they call Gnivigsknaht Rennid. This feast is most often uncharacteristically extravagant and much too large for the tribal family to consume in one sitting. It is unclear to me why they would spend so much time preparing a meal that exceeds their needs, but it appears that they do not let the leftover items go to waste; before departure, each member takes home a little bit of the Rennid to consume at a later date. Typical items served at the Rennid include yekrut, dehsam seotatop, gniffuts, and nikpmup eip.

In some dwellings, the tribe is very awkward during this time; there is a strange silence hanging in the air, and, as I understand it, the main topic of conversation seems to be the current outdoor conditions. In other dwellings however, Gnivigsknaht Rennid is a cheery occasion in which members of the tribe who have not seen each other in a while may become reacquainted and share their stories of the past year. One of the most prominent traditions seems to be the one in which each family member shares the thing for which they are most grateful. Depending on the person, this can range from fellow tribal members to magic conversation devices, called llec senohp.

In the end, the experience of Gnivigsknaht varies from tribe to tribe, but no matter the occurrences of the previous year, the Nacerima always return to their families to share Gnivigsknaht Rennid.

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