Kcalb Yadirf

Every year before dawn on the day following Gnivigsknaht (which is a bizarre feasting ritual that is so complex that I could not even scratch the surface of understanding it in a paper like this) hoards of the Nacerima leave their warm beds to gather in the brutally cold outdoors and form long, winding lines that wrap around gigantic square buildings and wait many hours to be allowed back indoors.

Upon re-entering the warm buildings they wildly race to claim wheeled chariots into which they can collect their various trinkets and trophies from the days ritual.  This part of the ritual can be particularly dangerous.  In recent years both the Nacerima people participating in the ritual and the elders charged with corralling the crazed participants have been seriously injured and even killed in the stampede for chariots.

Once the participating Nacirema have made it into the building and have secured their chariots they race around searching for trinkets hidden throughout the maze-like building. Some of the most popular trinkets the Nacerima search for include large magical boxes that produce light and sound (the best boxes are larger than most Nacerima children!) and much smaller boxes, the size of a person’s palm, that serve the same purpose but function via secret hand maneuvers and strokes known only to the most advanced of the Nacerima.

The Nacerima convince themselves that they participating in this ritual in order to collect these trinkets and trophies to give away to family and friends for the Samtsirhc ceremony (again, much too complex and bizarre for this paper) when in fact, most individuals end up keeping the items to themselves – to add to their own collection.

Once the Nacerima have spent a few hours searching the maze for all the items they had hoped to collect they again form long winding rows and wait for their opportunity to exit with their items.  After spending at least an hour in these rows they finally reach the gatekeepers of the Kcalb Yadirf tradition.  In exchange for small plastic rectangles, the Nacerima people are free to return home with their trinkets – provided, of course, that they return to working their trade until the next Kcalb Yadirf in order to fully pay for all the treasures they collected the year before.

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