Nacirema ceremony of god toh gnitae

The Nacirema are a very complex culture with a diverse background I have noticed in my fieldwork. Do to this diverse background and multiple races in the Nacirema population they have many strange celebrations and worshiping ceremonies on their calendar. These ceremonies are all very different and unique from an etic point of view. For example in the month of March on their calendar the inhabitants drape themselves in green clothes and trinkets, then drink a special substance that makes them loud and destructive. Another example is in the summer days on one certain night many local tribes gather to watch fire balls in the sky. Then when the fire in the sky has ended they all seem to warship the air by clapping and then disperse.

Although these ceremonies may seem quite strange, one ceremony in the inhabitant’s month of July is even more obscure. This ritual seems to be how the Nacirema decide who one of their leaders will be. Many from all over the land gather in front of a large ceremonial table. This is where what seems to be the higher society sits. Being large must be a symbol of power to the Nacirema for many at the table are of very large stature. On this table seems to be a royal bread filled with long chunks of meat. When the signal is given the occupants of the table begin to eat this higher nobility meal at a very fast pace. During this time the viewer’s warship the men at the table yelling words of praise. The food is endless and the nobility eat giving none to the viewers. After an allotted amount of time another signal is blown and the feast is over. Then a group of what seems to be priest like figures in uniforms move to the table and count the amount of ceremonial breads each nobility has eaten. When the uniformed men decide who has eaten the most royal bread, they raise his hand and the inhabitants cheer and praise him. Many warship him by yelling his name over and over again and he is given many gifts. This new leader is then written about and the word is spread throughout the nation. Those who did not attend the ceremony will see in the writings or on their magical moving boxes who their new leader is. This ceremony happens every year without fail. A new leader may be crowned or the old may regain his title for another year.

It truly is a strange yet intriguing way of life these Nacirema live. Their rituals and ceremonies from an etic view are very unique and extravagant. None more then their ceremony of choosing a leader.

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