Nacirema: The Regrub Tnioj

The Nacirema are one of many cultures that take pride in their g-“astronomic” creations and the facilities in which they choose to consume their fare. One such setting is known locally as the Regrub Tnioj, where the people gather both for food and social interaction. The Nacirema are a frantic and busy culture, yet one that realizes the value in relationship; they therefore frequently use the Regrub Tnioj as a way to hold on to those close ties and occasionally to create new ones with certain members of the opposite sex. The Nacirema mating rituals often occur in this arena because it allows the males to present themselves in a low pressure situation and allows the females to observe the male’s food foraging techniques. Though mainly a social gathering place, we must not neglect to investigate the fare that the Nacirema so enjoy.

Mostly based on animal protein and fats, the meals from the Regrub Tnioj usually include a meat component of circular shape—generally the size of one’s face—placed between two parts of baked dough and supplemented by various vegetation and pap drivel. Accompanying the previous concoction is usually some form of finger food that starts off quite healthy then is thrown into a hot vat of oil and cooked till brown and covered in a high sodium crystal compound; this suggests a link between the Nacireman eating habits and their poor nutritional health. But this in no way completes the meal. Traditionally, the Nacirema regularly enjoy sweet finishes to meals. Such dulcet finds at the Regrub Tnioj include the Ytsorf, the YrrulFcM, and the Ahcomaj Ekahs. All of these treats consist of a creamy semi-frozen liquid of dairy, multiple processed flavorings, and in the YrrulFcM, sucrose tidbits.

The Regrub Tnioj is just one of many venues in which the Nacirema choose to feast, and not all are this unwholesome. However, since the Regrub Tnioj is the focus of our observations on this day, there is no reason to look at those venues at this time. Now, as this is a field experiment there is only one thing left to do: choose between straight fried starches or coiled fried starches. Hmm…

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One Response to Nacirema: The Regrub Tnioj

  1. Megan M. says:

    I can tell you’re an Arby’s fan. Nice point about the food foraging – I laughed a lot at that description of buying dinner!

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