Nemow Vs. Eibrab

For some time now, I have been living among the Nacerima people. Some would call their culture harsh others might depict it as paradise. But I am looking beyond all of this and finding that the culture is not harsh or paradise, it’s just a way of life. As I was studying women in specific, I found out that they are judged a lot by their peers (and complete strangers). If one woman sees another wearing a low cut shirt and a short skirt, she might be labeled as a slut, or whore. Men, also contribute in their thoughts about women. There is a proven fact that men are dominant over women, and sometimes, men do not hesitate to show this dominance by tearing her ego down or sometimes even abuse. But women so not need an excuse to be hard on herself either. This is very unfortunate because a woman might begin to believe the things that are thought about her; in the end, a woman’s own worst enemy is herself.

Through my observations in the toy aisle, I have found that the major toy a girl wants is in fact the Barbie. As I have continued my research, I have learned that the toy of a little girls dream can become a woman’s living nightmare. Barbie sets the standard on how American women should look—perfect…flawless. Like I sad above, this can be haunting. I have also found that Barbie has a secret ally, called the mirror. The mirror sometimes can be a deceiving snake, showing what we should be instead of what we are. Women begin believing the mirror and worshiping Barbie as a goddess. They will sacrifice, food, friendships, love, only to get judged even more by society. But women won’t believe society she will follow her goddess. Barbie has only made lives harder for women because no matter how hard they try, women will never be happy with themselves. But this can all be avoided and hearts can be mended. If women would just stop being so hard on each other and themselves, they wouldn’t have to set such high standards. They can start accepting themselves and be proud of who they are. If people are going to judge anything, why not judge each other’s hearts, because that is where the true beauty lies.

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