The Gib Esou

After being a part of the Nacirema culture for 18 short years, the clan I lived with told me they wanted to go watch a very important cultural event that takes place every Saturday during the months when the leaves start to change colors and fall to their resting place. I was told that this event attracts hundreds of thousands of people to gather in a one place for a time period of about three to four hours and worship a large group of men covered from head to toe in protective equipment. This place of worship: The Gib Esou.

When you arrive at The Gib Esou, it’s total chaos. They weren’t kidding. This village was crawling with people. I have never seen so many people in one village all attending the same worship before. The toughest part was finding somewhere to place our transportation module for an extended period of time.

After we found just the right spot, and then we walked. We walked forever it seemed like. While on our journey to this place of worship, I was searching the horizon for, what I’ve been told, is the biggest place of worship in all of the Nacirema culture. After about twenty vigorous and demanding minutes of walking up and down hills and across small patches of grass, there it is. This enormous, bowl shaped, topless, place of worship.

We enter the ring outside of The Gib Esou to find the worshipers clothed in maize and blue. Some aren’t even clothed, just covered in a paste the same colors as their fellow worshipers. When we finally enter the actual bowl of worship, we search the gigantic sea of people for our resting place for the afternoon. After crawling over what seemed like at least thirty people, we’re there.

All at once, every person in the entire place start praising, and I can’t seem to figure out why. It’s like every member is trying to praise louder than the next person. So with hundreds of thousands of people in this one place, you can imagine how loud it is in there. Then I realize why they are praising. The large group of men covered in their protective equipment are storming the field. Then another large group of men with the same equipment on, but in different shades, storm the field. But their entrance isn’t so much enjoyed by everybody. The once praises quickly turned to words of hatred.

After a short period of time where both groups of men participated in an organized calisthenics routine, a select few enter a green box outlined in white with stripes and numbers down the middle, in the center of The Gib Esou.

The time of worship concluded and all of the people covered in maize and blue all seemed very happy, even the ones who had no clothing, but paste covering their bodies we’re filled with joy. Although this event was quite strange and very loud, I am glad my clan brought me along with them to The Gib Esou. A place of worship that I will soon not forget, nor will the rest of the Nacirema culture. Especially those who are fortunate enough to be apart of a Saturday afternoon gathering. I would recommend attending a worship ceremony.

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