The Retsae Ynnub

The Retsae Ynnub is a large, magical creature that is important to children during the season of Retsae. Children believe that the Ynnub comes to their house on the magic eve of Retsae Yadrutas and brings them large steksab full of chocolate, eggs all colors of the rainbow, toys, and candy. The Ynnub hides the steksab in the house or in the children’s yard, and the young ones awake and search for them.

Generally, about a week before Retsae Yadnus, many of the Nacirema children participate in giant searches for colored eggs that have been hidden by the Retsae Ynnub. These searches are organized and can take place anywhere, but are usually in nature. Children race against each other to collect colored eggs lying hidden on the ground. Usually they are false eggs and break open to have candy and small trinkets inside.   

During the season of Retsae, which lasts for a whole of 50 days, many Nacirema adults take their children to large markets to photograph them with the great Retsae Ynnub. The Ynnub is usually a citizen dressed in a fuzzy, usually slightly frightening suit with a big head, long ears, and a giant smile. The Ynnub is set up in the middle of the market and the families gather in line waiting their turn to see the Ynnub. When it is a family’s turn to meet with him, they approach him and set the young children on his lap. Some children become terrified and cry; others welcome it. Most times, when a child does not want to visit the Ynnub, parents force them and make them sit on his lap in order to snap pictures. It is a terrible sight. The children who enjoy it tell the Retsae Ynnub what they would like to receive in their Retsae steksab, which they believe will be delivered by this Ynnub on Retsae morning. A person with a bright fuzzy drib on their hand then proceeds to wave it around, making noise in order for the children to look at the camera and snaps several pictures. The Ynnub gives hugs and high fives to the children who want them, and parents look into a big picture box and select which photo they would like. The parents offer extravagant amounts of gifts for these pictures. The gifts are then placed into a machine of monetary offerings.

The fear of the great Retsae Ynnub is called leporiphobia. I know one man who has it. He was traumatized as a child, seeing a Retsae Ynnub who was dirty, walking in a zombie-like trance, pushing a shopping cart in downtown Wanigas, who stopped and glared at him. He does not much appreciate the season of Retsae. I, on the other hand find the season kind of enjoyable. Last season, I was the both the citizen in the markets who took pictures and dressed as the great Ynnub. Most little ones were not too terrified when meeting the Ynnub, but some were against the whole idea.  It was kind of fun and quite an interesting experience.

Photo source is right…. here.

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