The ritual of the Repus Lwob

After being a part of the Nairema culture for 19 years, one of the most watched and highly anticipated event in our culture is The Repus Lwob. Repus Lwob is not only an event for sports fans but almost the whole country tunes in for one night a roots for either team. This event can even cause hostility between friends and family about who they think is going to win the big game.

The big game is scheduled to be played on Sunday, February, 6th 2011. People of the Nacirema culture use this day to get together with either friends or family to drink and  have a good time. It is proven that the day after the Repus Lowb is one of the days with the most people calling into work sick because of hangovers. Also the Repus Lwob can be an event with a lot of hostility between family and friends; for instance I observed this situation last year, some people even put high amounts of money on this game. Some people even get angry at their best friends like last year some were Vikings fans and some were Saints fans and they talked trash all week before the game, it was almost like we were arch enemies.

Some children even are thrown into to this ritual at an early age, their parents take them to Repus Lowb parties and they watch their parents go crazy throughout the whole game. Even through out school when the big game comes around every year some will be rooting for one side and others will be rooting for the opposite. Even people who dont follow the Nairema sport they end up rooting for one side or other other even if they cant even name a player on that team.

I believe the the Repus Lwob is one of the most important events in the Nairema culture because it brings people together on one specail night to have fun and talk some trash during the game. The Repus Lwob is also a time for adults to relieve some stress and posibily take the next day off work.

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