The Sacred Magic Picture Box

             If one should stumble upon a legendary member of the Nacerima tribe, one would probably be surprised to see almost no reaction from said member.  They are transfixed, almost catatonic, staring at something each member of the Nacerima finds nearly sacred. 

            The Magic Picture Box. 

            This escape apparatus lets the Naceriman mind travel to places it has not been before and see things that it has not seen before.  Hours are devoted to observing the Magic Picture Box, and even more time is devoted to creating the moving pictures that are displayed on the box.  Smargorp vary in nature—some are violent, some are sentimental, and some depict the daily lives of dysfunctional Nacerima members.  These Smargorp and Seivom developed by the Nacerima are even displayed on Magic Picture Boxes in other tribes of people.  Competitions are held to see who can create the best Smargorp or Seivom.  Many observe these competitions via the magic picture box as well.

            In the Smargorp or Seivom are Those-of-Many-Faces.  They pretend to be other members of their tribe for entertainment.  Sometimes they go through fasting rituals, intense and frequent feasts, or invasive surgical procedures to portray these members.  In return, the rewards for being Those-of-Many-Faces are plentiful.  With the vast monetary substances Those-of-Many-Faces receive, they acquire a lifestyle unlike other groups of the Nacerima.  The Nacerima gladly contribute to the lifestyle of Those-of-Many-Faces, due to their important status.  Nacerimas follow Those-of-Many-Faces with praise and admiration.  If Those-of-Many-Faces mate together, all of the Nacerima people hear of it multiple times.  There are even those of the Nacerima that devote their lives to following Those-of-Many-Faces.  They are rewarded for reporting on any and everything—including when Those-of-Many-Faces walk out of a restroom together.

            The entire society of the Nacerima people is built around the Magic Picture Box.  They spend an inordinate amount of their time observing it or following up on Those-of-Many-Faces.  Other tribes benefit from this obsession, and are able to observe some of the Nacerima culture in their own native home and language.  Stumbling upon a Nacerima observing a Magic Picture Box would be the norm, not the exception.

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  1. Megan M. says:

    This is a great post.

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