The war of Llabtoof

In the land of the Naciremas there are many new things never seen before. On my adventure to Nacirema I had the opportunity to witness a true spectacle. Something I would have never been able to dream of. The Naciremas are very proud people… They are full of pride when it comes to their “Games.” People gather by the masses as if there were a new world order coming into play.

This game they call Llabtoof is…. Unorthodox none the less. Thousands of people come to the stadium of war. They where their tribal colors to support their warriors. They scream and shout their native chants. Children, adults, elderly, women, and men all gather around this battle that occurs every sunday.

On the field are the tribes greatest warriors. Men of honor so to speak. They have fought their way to the top from their tribe and rival tribes. Some call them the chosen ones. They run out of their caves onto the great plains. War cries fill the stadium as it rumbles with intensity. The warriors are suited in armor and their colors. Two armies are about to meet head to head in the ultimate battle for the people they love.

To start the game they sing this song as they look at their flag. Its odd these people are enemies but sing the same song to the same colors…. its astounding. The crowd begins to roar and this oblong oval brown object is kicked to the other tribe. The man catches it and they begin to ram each other like wild bulls. It is truly a site of nature. These massive warriors hit each other so hard you can hear the crash from all around the¬†Colosseum.

Every time you hear a crash from a hit, the tribal people go absolutely bonkers. They cheer for violence. I have never seen such a thing. It almost seems a bit barbaric. Warriors are wounded and carried off the field. Even if the warrior is from the opposite tribe people clap and cheer for him… These people truly are a piece of work.

After the experience I had a chance to think. This thing called Llabtoof is not about violence or tribal war. Its about bringing people together and to have a good time. Its about tradition. About family and fun.


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