Why is Hair so important to the Nacirema?

From a very young age, not long after birth, the Nacirema start to get very obsessed with their hair.  Other cultures cover their hair and don’t even show it, but the Nacirema not only leave theirs out, but it has to be cut just right, have the right color, or the right decoration attached in it for the person to carry around all day.  It hasn’t even been mentions the selection of different paraphernalia that you can purchase to wear on top of the head which they call hats.  There is so much to do with ones hair and why do the Naciremas continue to let this be such a large part of their lives?

            It is in this culture, that the people that live in the Nacirema country spend millions and millions of dollars every year to have the hair on their heads look unique and beautiful.   Its just hair!  They hire and pay people to do to their hair exactly what they want and then make more appointments to keep their hair looking that way or change it.  They pay for all kinds of services, like making their hair unnatural colors, covering grey hair, fixing dry damaged hair which gets that way from all the different things they do to their hair in the first place, cutting, styling, getting things called perms that make the hair curly for weeks and months at a time, and then those people with the curly hair get it straightened.  When it boils down to it all isn’t hair just hair?  It would seem that hair is a representation of ones personality that is in a constant state of having to prove itself.  People getting older don’t feel old and so they cover their graying hair.  Young people with beautiful natural colors don’t believe its good enough.  It would seem that this notion of Nacirema’s hair is in a constant state of turmoil and is in constant need of fixing and proving.

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