Yad fo Ecnednepedni

For the Naciremas, yad fo ecnednepedni is a special day of the year. Each village has their own version of the ritual all with similar activities. In the village of Naubinway, the day starts out with a sacrifice. All of the honorable Naciremas line up at the edge of a woods, they then run a long torturous trail. They must trek through unidentifiable substance with a risk of savage beasts waiting to prey on them around the corner. Many are hurt along the way, they find themselves at the mercy of the spirit “noitsuahxe” Noisuahxe is a spirit known to take your breath away and causes you moderate bodily harm. The Naciremas must make it to the other side of the wood, from there on they will be greatly honored with food and metal.

Later that afternoon, the village meets together for a grand feast! There they will eat pig intestines, roots, and preservatives to show appreciation for the heroes of the Nacirema nation. During this time, games are played as well. An edarap, or a line of humans yelling and making grotesque noises while hitting citizens with objects, are on display.

The rest of the night is spent with family. At dusk the real celebration begins. The Naciremas drink a magical potion. This potion tends to confuse the Naciremas while allowing them to end function. The potion may cause death. Almost all drink it while around an enflamed area. As the Naciremas sit there the great Skrowerif begins his show. Skrowerif is a very angry being, causing explosions of ash, light, and great noise. Scaring

Children and Dogs. The Naciremas find this to be a beautiful celebration and enjoy it extremely.

So ends the Yad fo ecnednepedni, a great ritual loved by the Naciremas year after year. A time for both fun and celebration of heroism.

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