The Scottish Hunting Rituals

As I have been at Alma College for the last three years I have experienced many obscure cultures of the Scot’s. One I am specifically a part of and will try to explain in the most primitive way possible. See if you can catch on and guess what I am talking about. (This is in tribute to the Nacirema Article).

As the sun rises over the fields, the humans of the Scottish tribe begin to rise. They put on their peculiar wool outfits containing reds and blues with black headdresses. (They do not look festive in any sense). The grab objects made of woods and metals and sticks shaped ever way. They are unorganized and randomly placed amongst the field. Then as their leader steps before them, their attentions are caught. He raises his hands and begins flailing them about slowly, faster, and faster until the tribal members begin to move. The people move with his hands, their eyes watching him hungrily as they begin to dance amongst each other. They pull their wood or metal objects to their mouths and begin to make noises with them, as the members with sticks beat on anything around them.

There seems to be no purpose to this dance. The Scot’s have made no fire, they have killed no beast. No child has been born or life lost, yet they move in this vigorous way mercilessly under control of their leader. They dance in this way until the sun reaches the highest point in the sky. And then when it seems like they are finished, their leader waves his hands one more time. Each member begins to cluster at either side of the field and raises their instruments for one last shouting blow. As they loudly blast their individual sounds, a herd of men come running toward them. These men are the hunters! They are clad in blood red cloth and posses twice to three times as much muscle and body mass as the dancing tribe members.

We have found the purpose to this dance. The swells in the music hypnotize the hunters, clearing the mind of any thought but the hunt. The hunters begin to grunt and yell as they are not controlled by their own thoughts. Their anger and blood-thirst will be the success of this hunt. As the women and smaller men retreat from the field, the hunting party continues on in their trance. The hunt begins.


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3 Responses to The Scottish Hunting Rituals

  1. Megan M. says:

    Nice! My only comment would be about the fact that these men don’t actually end up hunting do they? You probably should have explained that they participate in a symbolic hunt of the other men on the grass.

  2. Brittany M. says:

    I am sure that anyone in band would understand this analogy and agree that it wasn’t necessary and the story was about us more and what we do for them.

  3. Megan M. says:

    Right, the main portion of the essay was great. But the essay isn’t for the band, it’s an interpretation of this ritual for other anthropologists. So when you said ‘the hunt begins’ that wasn’t really accurate, since hunting has a specific meaning. Everything else you described does actually happen.

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