Nokomis Heritage Center Visit Extra Credit

       I visited the Nokomis heritage festival on October second in Lansing, Michigan.

There were a lot of exhibits and work shops at the center teaching the culture of the Ojibwe, Odawa, and Potawatomi nations.

            The event was very interesting with some of the programs more directed to children. Inside the main building there was a museum of Indian artifact such as beads, arrow heads, dream catchers, and furs. I found the section on fur trading to be very interesting. I learned a lot about how important furs were to the natives and which ones were worth more. There was also a lot of information on treaty rights and lands of the Native Americans today. The Section on the history of the Native Americans and how the treaties were formed were explained in person and any articles in recent newspapers about Native American lands were clipped and posted to be read.

            While you explore the inside there were many volunteers to help give you a little more detail on the artifacts. Some artifacts you could touch as well, such as drums, head wear, and utensils. The volunteers were very knowledgeable and explained some of the more unique artifacts to me. I really enjoyed how detailed the bead work and pottery work was. Some items were made up of thousands of beads that took days to make.

            There were many hands on activates such as making dream catchers, Nature walks, and powwow dances. I found the powwow dances to be very interesting. The dress of some of the local Native Americans dancing was very colorful, loose, and long.  They performed several dances and invited not Native Americans to join in their cultural ways as well. Some dances were performed in place with lots of arm and leg flailing. Other dances were performed moving in a circle while dancing in different ways.

        Over All I thought it was a very educational and interesting event. I would recommend it to anyone, especially on even days. The Museum part is open almost every day I believe so if you are near Lansing it might be worth stopping by.

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