Kernave Archaeolgical site

Archaeological Site: Kernave

Country: Lithuania

Year added: 2004

Criteria: The Kernave site is an exceptional testimony to the evolution of people in the Baltic region over ten millennia. Many artifacts of Pagan and Christian funeral traditions. Also the settlement patterns and hill forts show the development, structure, and history of pre-Christian people.

Number of sites in Lithuania: 4


size of site: 194 Hectare

Time period: Late Paleolithic to Middle Ages. (9000 BC to 1600 AD)


The Kernave site has been around for thousands of years. The archaeological site has given much information on the history and development of the people that have lived there.

The site itself is 194 hectares large and is located in southeast Lithuania. It is settled in the valley next to the Neris river. near the bend in the Neris and Pajauta valleys. After being demolished in the Lithuanian Civil War the rest of the residence moved to the top of the valley. The first to start excavating the area were the Tyszkiewics brothers and then the Vilnius University. Recently it has been excavated by the Lithuanian Institute of History.

The first settlers to move into the Kernave area was during the paleolithic era. During the Mesolithic era many more settlers arived. The town is first mentioned in 1279 when the grand duke Traidenis was in power. The town was destroyed in the 1390 by the Teutonic Knights during the Lithuanian civil war. Due to the formation of wet peat over the years the remains of the city were very well kept.

The Kernave Archaeolgical site has given us much insight and important artifacts significant to human heritage. The very well kept artifacts due to being covered in an aluvian earth layer have given much information on the culture of the people to live in the area. Many hill forts and other buildings have been excavated leaving great artifacts. Another major contribution the Kernave site has given is the worlds oldest found medgrinda or secret underwater road.

The Kernave archaeological site has been a very important in discovering the history of the Balkan people in the region. Many artifacts have been found that give an idea of the culture of the people to live in the valley. The site is still active and hopefully much more will be found about the past cultures.

threats: None

Links :  To see the Unesco information on Kernave click the link Unesco Site for Kernave.

For another site on Kernave click the link here.



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