This is what Stonehenge looks like today!

Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire, England. It was added to the website in 1986. This was added to the site because it shows human values, is an amazing human made masterpiece, and is very unique. There are 28 site total listed under England!

Basic Archaeological Site information:
Stonehenge is 4985 hour angles! It is from 2200-2400 B.C. (It is from the Neolithic period.)

Archaeological Summary:
Stonehenge is divided into 3 parts. For Stonehenge I, Neolithic people of England began construction by digging a circular ditch using deer antlers as picks. The circle is 320 feet in diameter, and the ditch itself was 20 feet wide and 7 feet deep. Then two parallel stones were put at the entrance to the circle, one of which, the Slaughter Stone, still survives. Also surviving are two Station Stones, positioned across from each other on opposite sides of the circle.

For Stonehenge 2, the bluestones come from the Preseli Mountains in South Wales, nearly 250 miles away. There were about 80 of them, weighing up to 4 tons each. How they were transported is not known.  Second, the entranceway to the semicircle of bluestones is aligned with the midsummer sunrise.

For Stonehenge 3, over 50 stones were brought to create the outer circle that stands today. The altar stone was also set at this time.

This place is important because the people of this time figured out a way to carry HUGE stones for miles! They and to figure out how to lift them and stack them, and it is really seems impossible! This is very important to the culture of today, and shows how humans evolved!

Threats/Status: There are no threats at this time.

This is what Stonehenge looks like if there were plans 🙂

To the World Heritage Site.
More on Stonehenge.

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