Price of Stones- Rites of Passage

Chapter 1

P6 Hard to finish primary school with no money for books or tuition.

P8 Borrowing clothes for job interviews is common.

P9 Graduation in December in Uganda. Test scores determine scholarship to university.

Chapter 2

No Discussion on rites of passage

Chapter 3

P20 Going to school is rare because farmers need children for chores.

P22 Formal marriage is not required. 

Chapter 4

P26 All school, primary through high school cost money unlike United States.

Chapter 5

P33 Getting married is major moment, both lives are changed dramatically.

P33 Going to another country like America is life changing.

Chapter 6

P44 Father arranged marriage for son at what he considered right age in some families.

P45 Attending College major achievement.

P46 Many people do not marry for love but for other reasons.

Chapter 7

P56 As child Jackson could not wait to be allowed to go to school.

P56 At old enough age could start helping with herding

Chapter 8

P67 moving is major moment in life has to start all over again and find new fiends and church.

Chapter 9

P71 Boy just before teens usually wants independence and space from family and build a separate house on the land.

P77 When Jackson had new house wanted to throw a celebration for new independence.

Chapter 10

P80 Jacksons son was born and responsibilities doubled and it was overwhelming.

P84 Cakes and food was celebration for transformation from orphans to students.

Chapter 11

P98 After father dies family has to move which is very hard.

P100 getting job means getting paid and having something to be proud of.

Chapter 12

No discussion on rites of passage

Chapter 13

P105 At age 13 manhood was expected and responsibilities for house, family, and animals increased.

Chapter 14

No discussion on rites of passage

Chapter 15

P112 Puberty and menstruations cause many girls to drop out of school from lack of sanitary supplies and embarrassment.

Chapter 16

P125 Giving berth is very hard with lack of midwifes in area so it becomes dangerous.

Chapter 17

No discussion on rites of passage

Chapter 18

P134 Once older people spend much more time helping parents.

P139 At age 14 one girl left for city to get a job.

Chapter 19

P142 Once in secondary school kids have much more time for studying with no chores to do.

Chapter 20

No discussion on rites of passage

Chapter 21

P165 Going to dance was away from home was major moment in lives and brought back many memories for Jackson.

Chapter 22

P171 Jackson saw a church and thought about all funeral services there from aids

Chapter 23

P179 Due to mortuary house at hospital being so busy women patients and relatives often helped the very sick with cleaning bed pans and other chores they could not do in there final hours.

P180 Some people wore nice clothes when dying so when they met Jesus they looked good for him.

Chapter 24

No discussion on rites of passage

Chapter 25

P189 Most students had never been in a moving vehicle or seen another village so going on a trip was a major moment in their lives.

Chapter 26

No discussion on rites of passage

Chapter 27

No discussion on rites of passage

Chapter 28

P211 Going to boarding school meant leaving family for first time.

P221 Going on trip to city was experience that changed the kids lives and thoughts of the world.

Chapter 29

No discussion on rites of passage

Chapter 30

233 In past decade death marches became daily occurrences in village

234 Had to buy coffin for burial ceremony.

235 No big funeral arrangement normally just a coffin in the house.

Chapter 31

240 Jacksons Aunt said she could die now seeing Canada and world.

247 Bought real wedding rings to replace copper ones they had from there wedding ceremony.

Chapter 32

P249 Prepared lots of food for graduation ceremony.

P250 Moving to secondary school many would be leaving home and family.

P252 Graduates excited for caps and gowns.

P253 Parade of graduation students, family, and teacher’s part of celebrations.

P254 Blessing at church part of graduation.

P257 Students walked one at a time to get Certificates and new calculator.

P257 Considered graduation a celebrations of success.

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