The Price of Stones – Clothing

Chapter 1

Pg.5 Worn out button down shirt Man

Pg.5 Flowered gomesi (women’s traditional dress with square neckline, full skirt and sash) dress Woman

Pg.5 Shorts no shirt Young Boy

Pg.6 Frayed shirt no shoes Man

Pg.7 Gomesi with bottom half stained red with dish dirt Woman

Pg.8 Borrowing clothes common practice in rural villages.

Chapter 2

Pg.11 Immaculate red gomesi Grandmother

Pg.11 Black suit and tie Grandfather

Pg.13 Red shirt Boy Vendor

Pg.13 Brown shirt Boy Vendor

Chapter 3

Pg.21 Pink scarf, green leaf patterned shirt, no shoes Woman

Chapter 4

Nothing in Chapter 4 about clothing

Chapter 5

Pg. 36 White church shirt Man

Pg. 38 Blue & white uniform (wore to a reception) Girl

Pg. 39 Blue & white uniform with white scarf Older Nurse

Pg. 40 Bright green gomesi with red scarf and sash Woman

Chapter 6

Pg. 48 Faded dresses Grandmothers

Pg.48 Worn suits- stained T-shirts Men

Chapter 7

Pg. 55 Green & yellow gomesi Woman

Pg. 55 Short sleeved aqua dress trimmed across chest with white cord Girl School Uniform

Pg. 57 White stripped uniform belt Girl School Uniform

Pg.57 Black shorts & aqua shirt Boy School Uniform

Chapter 8

Pg. 64 Threadbare clothes Middle Age Man

Chapter 9

Nothing in chapter 9 about clothing

Chapter 10

Pg. 82 Dark blue dress and heels School Headmistress

Pg. 85 Short sleeved shirt and dress pants Honorable Minister Professor Mondo Kagonyera

Pg. 86 Purple & white uniforms School Uniforms

Chapter 11

Pg. 91 Suit & Tie Man

Chapter 12

Pg. 98 Uniforms were the only good clothes the children had

Pg. 98 Black shoes & white socks School Uniform

Pg. 99 Tan dress shirt & black pants Teacher

Pg. 100 Threadbare T-shirt Night Watchman

Chapter 13

Nothing in chapter 13 about clothing

Chapter 14

Pg. 106 Blue uniforms/ tattered unwashed clothing School Wear

Pg. 108 Tattered gray dress Grandmother

Chapter 15

Pg. 113 Pink dress with matching second hand shoes School Girl

Chapter 16

Nothing in chapter 16 about clothing

Chapter 17

Pg. 128 Suit & tie Man

Pg. 129 Business suit Man

Pg. 130 Gray suit & burgundy tie Professor Mondo

Chapter 18

Pg. 136 Traditional costumes Anti-AIDS School Choir

  • Girls– brown skirt with red & brown striped shirt
  • Boys- purple, pink & blue striped shirts over shorts

Pg. 138 Traditional costumes with scarfs tied around waist Girls (dancing)

Chapter 19

Pg. 141 Light blue uniform with no shoes Young Woman (Government Primary School)

Pg. 142 Short orange skirt Young Woman

Chapter 20

Pg. 150 Uniforms with overlarge sweaters over the uniforms Students (Charity clothes from USA)

  • Boy– Blue Penn State Sweatshirt
  • Boy- AC/DC T-shirt

Pg. 153 Blue baseball cap Middle age man in 40’s

Pg. 154 Threadbare skirts & grimy shirts Girls

Chapter 21

Pg. 164 Green & White Costumes Students (traditional dances)

Chapter 22

Nothing in chapter 22 about clothing

Chapter 23

Pg. 176 Green uniform Hospital Guard

Pg. 178 Green Pants Old Man

Pg. 178 Blue uniform Young Nurse

Pg. 180 Girl in hospital wearing her school uniform

Chapter 24

Nothing in chapter 24 about clothing

Chapter 25

Pg. 192 Green uniforms Students

Pg. 192-193 Men & Women Officials

  • Men- Black & Navy Blue suits
  • Women- Yellow, pink, or blue silky busuuti (traditional women’s dress worn on special occasions) dress

Pg. 193 Gray uniform Older School Girl

Pg. 193 Blue & green, pink &white, green & white, gray & white, and blue uniforms Student Groups

Pg. 194 Purple uniforms Nyaka School Uniforms

Chapter 26

Pg. 197 Dress Code in rural Uganda is formal

Pg. 197 Shirt & ties Street Hawkers

Pg. 197 Jeans are considered weekend wear in big cities

Chapter 27

Nothing in chapter 27 about clothing

Chapter 28

Pg. 220 green uniforms School Uniforms

Chapter 29

Pg. 223 Vest, tie & black leather shoes Man

Pg. 224 Purple uniforms Children

Pg. 227 Solid color shirts Students (soccer uniforms)

Pg. 229 Sweater for the students to keep them warm from the morning chill

 Chapter 30

Pg. 235 Student buried in purple school uniform

Chapter 31

Pg. 240 Tie-dye purple & burgundy dress Woman

Pg. 240 Black & gold dress with a bright red scarf Woman

Pg. 243 Blue shirt & gray suit Gentleman

Pg. 246 Traditional dresses & colorful head wraps/ T-shirts, running shoes, canes, walkers Grannies

Chapter 32

Pg. 250 White T-shirts Students

Pg. 252 Blue cap & gowns Students (Graduation ceremony)

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