Price of Stones – Community Events

Chapter 1

  • A line of people, mostly mothers and fathers, gathered to ask Frank for help supporting their families and sending their kids to school. He helped as many as he could. (5-7)

Chapter 2

  • No references

Chapter 3

  • No references

Chapter 4

  • No references

Chapter 5

  • Frank’s funeral – Frank’s coworkers, neighbors, friends, and family stop by the house to express condolences. (33)
  • The day after Christmas the men, including Taata, go to the pub for an afternoon of celebrating. (34)


Chapter 6

  • A long line of people, mostly grandparents with orphans, wait to ask favors from Kaguri, and he gives money to as many families as possible. (48-49)

Chapter 7

  • No references

Chapter 8

  • No references

Chapter 9

  • Kaguri attends a traditional lunch in Rubaga with his friends.

Chapter 10

  • School grand opening – Local church leaders, teachers, community leaders, citizens, and the guardians of registered orphans attended.  There were nearly 500 guests. The local choir performed, and then the students sang, danced, and recited poems about life experiences. District officials and Professor Mondo Kagonyera gave speeches, and the purple ribbon was cut. (84-87)

Chapter 11

  • No references

Chapter 12

  • Schoolmates, teachers, friends, and relatives gather to greet Kaguri when he visits Nyaka. (95)

Chapter 13

  • Soccer game – Played by boys after school, with two adults on each team, including Kaguri, while the girls watch and cheer. It is played at the school, there is no official field or goals. (101, 102-104)

Chapter 14

  • No references

Chapter 15

  • No references

Chapter 16

  • No references

Chapter 17

  • No references

Chapter 18

  • Welcoming celebration at Nyaka – Teachers, supporters of the school, management, students and their guardians were present. They had a traditional food banquet. There was a group prayer, and several speeches. The anti-AIDS choir wore traditional costumes and performed hymns, the school song, and traditional songs, as well as dances to celebrate happiness and a good harvest, and a play demonstrating the destructiveness of HIV/AIDS. (136-138)

Chapter 19

  • No references

Chapter 20

  • No references

Chapter 21

  • Kambuga assembly – the anti AIDS club at Kambuga Secondary School planned an assembly to welcome Kaguri. The students sang the school song and then the headmaster gave a welcome speech, a student read a list of things that the school needed, and then the anti-AIDS club performed traditional songs and dances, and Kaguri gave a speech about the dangers of AIDS. (162-164)

Chapter 22

  • No references

Chapter 23

  • No references

Chapter 24

  • Worship – Kaguri went to a service at the Seventh-Day Adventist Church that he used to attend. There were about 60 worshippers there, and it began with Sabbath school, followed by Pastor Ndimu praying and accepting offerings. After that Kaguri spoke about HIV/AIDS, and how everyone should be helping to fight it. (183-186)

Chapter 25

  • Independence Day event – This event was held in Kanungu Town, and most of the local people attended. There were military bands and a choir of local girls who sang a song of greeting. After that they and all the students from nearby schools paraded through town. Several choirs sang and danced, and the Nyaka choir sang three songs. (193-195)

Chapter 26

  • No references

Chapter 27

  • No references

Chapter 28

  • No references

Chapter 29

  • Kampala banquet – In a white tent on the lawn of a catholic church, 100 people were invited, and guests wore formal attire. Sempa gave an introduction speech, the organizers spoke, and Lydia thanked the donors, and then the students, Fortunate and Izidol, thanked the donors for all of the opportunities Nyaka School provided them with. Then Kaguri spoke, people mingled and ate, and pledged to support the school. (222-230)

Chapter 30

  • Scovia’s funeral – Men from the village bore the coffin from the house to an unadorned family plot, and then the choir sang. (235)

Chapter 31

  • No references

Chapter 32

  • Graduation – At Nyaka AIDS Orphans School, December 2008, the first class graduated, wearing real graduation gowns. Many people from the community attended, as well as many of the school’s donors, and there were almost 20 people just preparing food. Nyaka and Kutamba students paraded through town. In Kambuga they were joined by a band, and hundreds of people followed them back to the school. There were 3 white tents set up on the basketball court. Chuch officials led a prayer, the grannies gave gifts, the choir sang, and the students received awards, then students received graduation certificates and calculators, three of them gave speeches, and supporters read letters of congratulations.


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