Price of Stones: How men speak to others/body language of men

Chapter 1

p. 5 – Middle-aged men talk amongst themselves or stand alone

p. 6 – Men shake hands with each other, smile

p. 7 – Shake hands with women who are related, pat young children on the shoulder

p. 10 – Handle defiance with anger, beating

Chapter 2

p. 11 – On the bus ride: multiple conversations in multiple languages, sitting close, squeezed together

p. 14 – Twesi offers food and drink to strangers, friendly conversation

p. 15 – Military men rape and terrorize, use demanding tone

Chapter 3

p. 21 – Agandi, keije, buhooro, buhorogye ( Rukiga expressions of excitement in greeting a guest you have not seen for a long time) are all used to greet Twesi, embrace women and children family members

p. 22 – They do not avert their eyes

p. 23 – Men discuss politics and the war but don’t talk about health issues

Chapter 4

p. 29 – Lean close to sick relatives

p. 30 – Brothers confide personal feelings

Chapter 5

p. 34 – Men celebrate in the pub

p. 37 – Taata normally says nkakugambira (I told you so) but is silent as he carries the wounded boy

p. 38 – Men speak demandingly and directly—even to strangers

Chapter 6

p. 45 – Fathers become angry and yell at disobedient children

p. 47taata rubs his head and glares, try not to express weakness or fear

p. 48 – Taata welcomes Beronda, shake hands

p. 49 – Husbands speak freely with their wives

Chapter 7 – No information given

Chapter 8

p. 63 – Agandi (how are you) used as greeting, man shakes hands with Twesi who does not smile because the man has been spreading rumors about him.  He proceeds to give him short but direct answers

p. 64 – Nigye (I am fine) – response to Agandi

Chapter 9

p. 70 – No greeting from Twesi’s father, only criticism. Taata always has the last word.

p. 77 – Taata yells a lot

p. 78 – Taata will not just give him land, but offers him a deal

Chapter 10

p. 81 – Taata calls Dale a muzungu (humble name for a white person)

p. 85 – though they were dirty, Twesi and Dale both greeted by Mondo, the gov’t official, with Agandi and a handshake.  They apologize for no t being prepared to meet him

p. 86 – Taata puffs his chest out: prideful

Chapter 11 – No information given

Chapter 12

p. 96 – Twesi smiles at his neighbors and shakes hands with all

p. 98 – reaches out to touch all the students

p. 99 – teacher greets Twesi in English, claps his hands to signal its time to get back to class

p. 100 – night watchman salutes before shaking hands, standing stiffly.  His lips are pressed together, brow creases as he tells of his increasing need for a gun

Chapter 13

p. 101 – Twesi plays soccer with the children and is cocky at first saying it will be an “easy win”

p. 104 – walks home with Bruno, an orphan

Chapter 14

p. 108 – Twesi hears good things about the school and grins but does not reveal his identity as director.  A crazy woman tells him an astonishing story: he gapes and doesn’t know what to say, touches her should and apologizes

Chapter 15

p. 110 – welcomes young girl for interview in English, sits next to her

p. 111 – asks her direct, personal questions

p. 114 – asks next interviewee not to kneel (it makes him uncomfortable), takes her hand

Chapter 16

p. 122 – old friend says webale kwijja (thank you for coming, you are welcome) to welcome Twesi home.  The friend has a different tone, nagging sadness, but wont talk about it

p. 124 – the men speak openly about finances

Chapter 17

p. 129 – Twesi thanks the guards who check his ID, a male secretary greets him warmly

p. 130 – webale kwijja is the greeting used by Mondo to welcome Twesi into his office, smile and handshake

Chapter 18 – No information given

Chapter 19 – No information given

Chapter 20

p. 151 – Twesi speaks to the children in English, answering their questions freely

p. 154 – greets young girl at the water tank, discuss business and plans for more taps

p. 156 – pub man shakes all the men’s hands, thanking them for the clean water

p. 158 – Twesi holds Freda as she sobs but does not cry himself

Chapter 21

p. 161 – headmaster of a different school welcomes them with a smile and a handshake, invites them into his office

p. 162 – Twesi shakes the hand of his former teacher

p. 168 – the headmaster has no problem asking Twesi for help/ money

Chapter 22

p. 172 – Twesi does not show emotion when he speaks, keeps calm

Chapter 23

p.  179 – Twesi kneels beside Scovia at the hospital, takes her hand, and recites a prayer

Chapter 24 – No information given

Chapter 25

p. 188 – Twesi touches a young boy’s hair

p. 189 – tells the young girls firmly not to kneel and beg

Chapter 26

p.199 – presents news about the school before asking for help

p. 201 – meeting is interrupted by a man who shakes his hand and thanks him for the water project

p.203 – same man continues conversation and both discuss plans animatedly, squeezing Twesi’s shoulder

Chapter 27

p. 206 – Twesi shakes his fist while laughing in amusement at a visitor

p. 207 – guides the children to be more assertive and ask direct questions (won’t offer them a ride, wants them to ask) smiles when they do

Chapter 28

p.211 – shakes hands before leaving

p. 216 – holds Izidol’s hand when they get out for a bathroom break

p. 217 – avoids using “if” when discussing the children’s futures

p. 218 – encourages the children to speak their minds

Chapter 29

p. 224 – squats next to Izidol and Fortunate before they go on stage to speak

p. 228 – Twesi is skeptical of a man who arrives late (not okay). The man only asks about Nyaka after eating.  Twesi controls his anger and speaks to the man.

p. 229 – seeks out the least familiar looking people and talks to them, Sempa claps his hands to make an announcement

p.230 – Twesi walks the children to the car before hugging his sisters goodbye.  He then joins a “drinking circle” of old buddies, pulls up a chair and sits to celebrate

Chapter 30

p. 233 – death march: men are silent, eyes downcast

Chapter 31 – No information given

Chapter 32

p. 249 – Twesi teases his sister that cooking is women’s work, squeezing her shoulder

p. 252 – headmaster claps his hands to command attention

p. 258 – Twesi puts his arm around his friend in companionship

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