Price of Stones: What is valued?

Chapter 1

School: On page 6, a man asks Frank to provide schooling for his children because it’s important they receive education

Education: On page 9, Tweisigye takes education seriously so he can get out of poverty

Chapter 2

Education: On page 13, education is needed to help escape the AIDS epidemic

Chapter 3

Children: On page 20, children are valued for labor

Family: On page 25, Tweisigye would have given up his trip to America to spend time with his brother in his last year and a half of life

Chapter 4

No discusion

Chapter 5

Mothers: On page 40, Twesi values his mother.  She provided him strength when he was hurt

Chapter 6

Family: On page 46, Twesi dad is outraged that he wants to marry someone without even knowing much about her family

Chapter 7

No discussion

Chapter 8

No discussion

Chapter 9

Independence: On page 71, As children grow older they value independence from their parents

Chapter 10

Prayer/Faith: On page 81, Prayer is a very large and important part of a family’s life.  They spend every Friday night fasting and praying.

Chapter 11

No discussion

Chapter 12

No discussion


Soccer: On page 104, Soccer is a very popular sport in the village that is played by many.

Chapter 14

Clean drinking Water: On page 108, Clean drinking water is something that a large part of the village does not have and they desperately need it to avoid sickness.

Chapter 15

Sons: On page 112, Sons are good investments for families and so they are generally valued more than daughters.

Chapter 16

No discussion

Chapter 17

No discussion

Chapter 18

No discussion

Chapter 19

No discussion

Chapter 20

Clean Water: On page 156,The pub owner was extremely grateful for the clean water because it stopped people from getting sick off his beer.

Chapter 21

No discussion

Chapter 22

No discussion

Chapter 23

Goats/Chickens: On page 176, These animals are important resources for families.  Scovia’s family had to sell one to pay for her stay in the hospital.

Chapter 24

Faith: On page 182, Faith was so important to some people that they risked punishment by the local militia in order to continuing practicing their Christian faith.

Chapter 25

No discussion

Chapter 26

No discussion

Chapter 27

No discussion

Chapter 28

No discussion

Chapter 29

No discussion

Chapter 30

No discussion

Chapter 31

Grandmas: On page 244, Grandmas were important members of the family.  They cared for their family plus their grandchildren that were orphaned due to the AIDS epidemic.

Chapter 32

No discussion

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