The Price of Stones- Marriage

Chapter 1

  • pg. 9 we were joined by other family members, my sisters and their husbands
  • pg. 10 “You will get married and she will stay home, till the land, and bear children while you continue school. I will raise the children” (paternal grandmother)
  • pg. 10 Taata had chased Maama with a stick around the village more times that I could count

Chapter 2

  • pg. 11 a woman in immaculate red gomesi and her equally stylish husband in black suit and tie sitting together on bus
  • pg. 12 in Rakai sex workers flocked to area; some acted as second wives, cooking, laundering clothing, and pampering drivers

Chapter 3

  • pg. 19 polygamist w/ 2 wives and 8 children died of brain hemorrhage

Chapter 4

  • pg. 29 Frank tells him to “Give yourself to one woman and remain faithful. It is the only way”
  • pg. 31 If husband dies, his children’s uncle is responsible for them

Chapter 6

  • pg. 44 Twesigye said that he talked to a man and they think Twesigye should marry that man’s daughter and he should listen to his father
  • pg. 45 His father asks if the woman he wants to marry is from their clan, then whose clan is she from

Chapter 10

  • pg. 82 Twesigye asked woman to come out of retirement to work at the school and she said to talk to her husband (and he agreed that she should do volunteer)

Chapter 14

  • pg. 108 If the woman takes a long time getting water her husband accuses her of being with another man and will beat her.

Chapter 15

  • pg. 111 Twesigye’s classmate dropped out and married early. He took a second wife (polygamy was tradition in Uganda before Christianity changed peoples lives). His second wife contracted HIV/AIDS from her first husband, spread to her new husband and then his first wife. They all died.
  • pg. 112 Girls get married and support the husband’s family, so educating them is considered a waste of resources.

Chapter 17

  • pg. 122 Sempa came from a polygamous family and had a chaotic childhood, changing households and religions, he had settled down in a monogamous relationship with Marjorie.

Chapter 24

  • pg. 181 Stephano was polygamist with five wives, but when he accepted Christ as his personal savior he “gave up four of his five wives, but continued to financially support them and their children”
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