The Price of Stones – Religion

Chapter 1 – “The Line at Our Door”

  • Jackson’s family celebrates Christmas (pg. 5)

Chapter 2 – “The Devil’s Hand”

  • Many Ugandans believed that Shamans could cure AIDS (pg. 13)

Chapter 3 – “The Chicken is Full of Bones”

  • No Discussion of Religion

Chapter 4 – “My Brother’s Keeper”

  • Jackson prays to end his brother, Frank’s, suffering. (pg. 30)

Chapter 5 – “Through the Valley of the Shadow”

  • Grandmother reads scriptures from the Bible with him while Jackson is in the hospital. (pgs. 41-42)

Chapter 6 – “The Prospect of Marriage”

  • No Discussion of Religion

Chapter 7 – “The Great Escape”

  • No Discussion of Religion

Chapter 8 – “Only One Acre”

  • Religious lines are not crossed in schools – children attend schools belonging to their denomination. (pg. 63)
  • Jackson mentions that the Anglican Church wouldn’t be happy about Nyaka, because they believed it would only be open to Seventh-Day Adventists. (pg. 63)
  • Jackson’s in-laws’ church promises monthly support of Nyaka. (pg. 68)

Chapter 9 – “Plans”

  • No Discussion of Religion

Chapter 10 – “The Price of Stones”

  • Jackson & Dale Val present the serman at a local congregation – day before the grand opening of Nyaka. (pg. 81)
  • Prayer every morning and evening, often inbetween as well. (pgs. 81-82)
  • Freda read young Jackson Bible versus to inspire him on defeating challenges- i.e. David & Goliath, Samual, and Joseph. (pgs. 83-84)

Chapter 11 – “An Article of Faith”

  • Jackson meets with Reverend David Bremer to discuss donations for Nyaka. (pgs 91-92)

Chapter 12 – “Constructive Solutions”

  • No Discussion of Religion

Chapter 13 – “Being the Man”

  • Jackson thanks God for giving hope to Bruno, living alone & still attending school. (pg. 105)

Chapter 14 – “It is Not Enough to Be Sorry”

  • No Discussion of Religion

Chapter 15 – “Two Girls”

  • No Discussion of Religion

Chapter 16 – “There Are No Streetlights”

  • Sempa switched households and religions from a polyganous family to being monogamous. (pg. 122)
  • Sempa makes statement “No wonder God has impressed me with a heart for helping AIDS victims…God knew mine would soon enough be among the numbers counted in Uganda.  For this, I will continue to serve forever.” (pg. 123)

Chapter 17 – “My Meeting With Mondo”

  • No Discussion of Religion

Chapter 18 – “A Song of Hope and Despair”

  • Prayer before meals: Christine leads prayer before buffet. (pg. 135)
  • Nyaka is interdenominational; teachers come from different denominational/religious groups. (pg. 136)
  • Area is segregated by religion. (pg 136)
  • Anti-AIDS choir sings songs from the Bible. (pg. 138)
  • Children sing song about the ‘second coming of Jesus’; Jackson ponders over his saving the children.  (pg. 140)

Chapter 19 – “One Never Knows”

  • Young Jackson pleads and negotiates with God to save his friend, Ben, from drowning. (pg. 148)

Chapter 20 – “Cows in America”

  • Relates the water taps to the “Women at the Well” story in the Bible. (pgs. 156-157)
  • Comforts Freda about God making Scovia sick. (pg. 158)

Chapter 21 – “If You Do Not Reach, You Cannot Grasp”

  • Headmaster of Kambuga Secondary School blesses Jackson for his help in Kanungu District. (pg. 166)

Chapter 22 – “Nothing Worthwhile is Easy”

  • No Discussion of Religion

Chapter 23 – “Scovia”

  • Jackson reads from the Book of Psalms at Scovia’s bedside. (pg. 179)
  • Blesses her and prays for Scovia not to suffer (pg. 180)

Chapter 24 – “Who is My Neighbor”

  • 1970s: Amin’s militia hunted down members of religions – other than Islam, Catholicism, Anglicanism, and Greek Orthodoxy. (pg. 181)
  • Jackson’s grandfather was persecuted for his faith multiple times.  He also held a secret Seventh-Day Adventist service on Saturdays in his home. (pg. 182)
  • Jackson presents the serman to his childhood church on “The Good Samaritan” story from the Bible. (pgs. 183-185)
  • Recalls the verse Matthew 25 to ease his pain of Scovia’s sickness. (pg. 187)

Chapter 25 – “Big Trucks and Soda Pop”

  • No Discussion of Religion

Chapter 26 – “Ideas and Ideals”

  • No Discussion of Religion

Chapter 27 – “In That Rich Darkness”

  • No Discussion of Religion

Chapter 28 – “More Than a Composition”

  • Maama’s ritual of blessing before a journey: “May the Lord keep you safe until we meet again.” (pg. 211)
  • Jackson compares the endowement for the students to attend secondary school to the Israelites escaping Eygpt. (pgs. 214-215)

Chapter 29 – “The Brigadier”

  • The Kampala banquet was held on the property of a local Catholic chuch. (pg. 222)
  • Jackson is ashamed of the way he judges the Brigadier and asks for forgiveness from God.  He’s reminded of a verse from the Book of Matthew. (pg. 229)

Chapter 30 – “One More Grave”

  • Jackson asks God why he has taken Scovia so soon. (pg. 233)
  • Scovia had accepted Jesus as her Savior; Jackson comforts himself by praying for her soul. (pg. 235)
  • Jackson admits his faith is sometimes tested by the amount of death around him.  He questions God’s purpose. (pgs. 235-236)
  • He remembers a verse from Ecclesiastes and recites the Lord’s Prayer while thinking of the statistics of children with AIDS. (pg. 236)

Chapter 31 – “A Gathering of Grannies”

  • Freda relates Steven Lewis to Jesus coming for what he has done for the children and grandmothers in Africa. (pg. 247)
  • Jackson notes that God has touched the lives of the grannies and himself. (pg. 248)

Chapter 32 – “Graduation Day”

  • Church officials lead the prayers at the graduation ceremony. (pg. 256)
  • Jackson calls himself a servent for the children as a Christian. (pg. 257)
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