The Price of Stones – The Home

Anthropology Notes

The Home


P1- mentions grass shacks

P4- his lantern lit apartment

 Chapter 1:

P5- Mud daub house

–          No electricity, no clean water, minimal health care and unaffordable education.

P9- small living room

–          Water basin to wash hands

Chapter 2: NONE

 Chapter 3:

P22- Window shutters were used to keep bugs out.

–          Door was open but curtain hung from it

P23- There is a kitchen building which held the fire.

–          Benches where near doors for seating

Chapter 4: NONE

 Chapter 5: NONE

Chapter 6: NONE

 Chapter 7: NONE

 Chapter 8:

P62- they were in the bedroom packing

Chapter 9:

P70- the sitting room was dimly lit with a paraffin lantern.

–          The kitchen fire

P71- Two bedroom daub house- Parents used one bedroom and his 2 sisters and he shared the other windowless room.

–          The room then got to small and there was no circulation in the windowless room. He was then suggested to sleep in the sitting room near the rear of the house.

–          He would wait until everyone was in the house for the night and lay Bishansha, banana leaves and mats on the floor to sleep on.

P72- Wooden poles for framing

–          The kitchen has a dirt floor

P73- Dug post holes to begin building home

P75- We mixed obudongo, mud cement to hold the four corner posts in place.

P76- squeezing fistfuls of mud between reeds at the corners of the home being built

–          Constructed roof with wood

P77- Built bed with poles, reeds, and covered them with banana leaf mats.

–          Bought door

–          Covered windows with woven reeds.

Chapter 10: NONE

Chapter 11: NONE

Chapter 12:

P98- Combined family of 9 shared a 2 room house with dirt floors and a leaking roof.

Chapter 13:

P104- Bruno has a 7 mile house

–          Master house

–          4 buildings on Bruno’s compound. Three in which were in disrespect(bad shape)

–          In the house, a film of dirt covered everything.

P105- The lanterns were empty (no paraffin) and there was very little food.

Chapter 14: NONE

 Chapter 15:

P111- No electricity, running water, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, clothes, washers or vacuum cleaners

P116- Door made of a curtain

–          Sofa, chair and lanterns

Chapter 16: NONE

 Chapter 17: NONE

 Chapter 18: NONE

 Chapter 19: NONE

 Chapter 20:

P149- real kitchen would consist of brick walls, a cement floor and a hearth.

 Chapter 21: NONE

 Chapter 22: NONE

 Chapter 23: NONE

 Chapter 24:

P182- (Amin) He possessed twelve room house with an iron roof, corrals out back and a banana plantation off to the side.

–          In the center room he had a large table surrounded by chairs.

Chapter 25: NONE

 Chapter 26: NONE

 Chapter 27: NONE

Chapter 28: NONE

 Chapter 29: NONE

 Chapter 30: NONE

 Chapter 31: NONE

 Chapter 32: NONE

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