Chapter 1

            No discussion of friendship outside of family.

Chapter 2

            No discussion of friendship outside of family.

Chapter 3

            No discussion of friendship outside of family.

Chapter 4

            P27: Beronda was a female friend that he made in America. He is very attracted to her. They went on three dates. After three dates he wanted to marry her, but was worried because she was an American.

Chapter 5

            P33: When his brother died, Jackson old friend from secondary school came to view the body of his deceased brother. His name was Sempa Baker. He had not seen him in a long time. Sempa was usually happy, but today he was sad as if his own brother died. Sempa stayed to comfort Jackson as more friends, coworkers, and neighbors came to offer the condolences.

            P36-37: (Flashback) When Jackson fell from a tree and cut his leg, his father’s friends had left their celebrations and rushed to Jackson to take care of him. They wrapped his wounds and ran with him in their arms all the way to the hospital.

Chapter 6

            P43: Beronda wrote letters of comfort to Jackson from America.

P48: Beronda (now his wife) accompanied him to Uganda to meet his family. Jackson’s family accepted her as part of the family. They were overjoyed.

P49: Friends and people who Jackson did not know showed up to his parent’s house because they needed help supporting themselves. Jackson and Beronda helped as many of them as they could.

Chapter 7

            No discussion of friendship outside of family.

Chapter 8

P65-66: When Jackson told his friends in America about building a school for orphans they refused to send money to Africa because they believed it was a scam. Another friend told him to bring his family here. Other told him to look forward not backwards.

P67: Jackson told his good friend Dale Val about his school idea one afternoon of playing soccer (they played soccer together every Sunday morning). Dale agreed to help, and was excited about the idea. Dale and Jackson have a lot in common including that they were both from different countries and came to America to continue their education. They seem very close because the fact they have so much in common and it seems to make a difference when he tells Dale of his idea. Dale also comforts Jackson by telling him that he would be the best person to build the school.

Chapter 9

P69-70: Jackson went back to Uganda and had lunch with his old friends. They talked about the school, and they thought it was a great idea. His friend’s wife had her MBA and offered to help. She had a plan already made, and she showed Jackson.

P71: (Flashback) Jackson’s father would be out until around midnight at the pub talking to friends and drinking. Sometimes he would make every one leave. Neighbors would let them stay with them. It seems to show that the village is really close and kind to one another.

P74: (Flashback) Jackson asked his best friend to help him build a house. They came from very different backgrounds, Jackson was poor and his friend was rich. His best friend was willing to get into trouble to help him build the house.

Chapter 10

            No discussion of friendship outside of family.

Chapter 11

P93: David and Otto become his close friends. They give him advice to help him and his school succeed.

Chapter 12

P95-96: One of Jackson parents friends stopped Jackson to thank him for all that he had done for her and her grandchildren.

Chapter 13

P102: As a child Jackson would sneak around his father to play soccer with his friends when he was doing his chores. His friends talked him into sneaking behind his fathers back.

P104: (childhood memory) Jackson walked home with a soccer friend. They did not say much but just enjoyed the company.

P105: Jackson went into Brunos house and they had a serious conversation about Brunos life and his feelings.

Chapter 14

            No discussion of friendship

Chapter 15

            (No discussion of friendship outside of family)

Chapter 16:

P122-123: Jackson met with an old friend who had been tested positive for the HIV virus. When they met Jackson could tell that something was wrong with his friend even though he said he was fine. This made Jackson sad.

Chapter 17

P127: Jackson visited with Sempa almost all night. Sempas wife made him breakfast.

Chapter 18

            (No discussion of friendship outside of family)

Chapter 19

P144-148: (childhood memory) Jackson and three of his friends decided to sneak down to the river for a swim. This was one of Jackson’s friend’s ideas. There was a lot of competition among the boys on who could swim to an island first. One of his friends almost drowned on the way to island, and the three boys cried and prayed when he was unconscious and tried to bring him back to life.

Chapter 20

P158: Jackson’s friend who comforted him when he was little went to the hospital. He was angry that no one had told him sooner. He visited her and comforted her as she died.

Chapter 21

            (No discussion of friendship outside of family)

Chapter 22

P172: Jackson had to comfort a friend in distress regarding the school. He kept calm and eventually calmed her down as well.

Chapter 23

P179: A student was in the hospital for AIDS and Jackson went to the hospital to visit her. He brought her food, and talked with her family.

Chapter 24

            (No discussion of friendship)

Chapter 25

            (No discussion of friendship)

Chapter 26

            (No discussion of friendship)

Chapter 27

P206: Jackson’s friend Stephen came to visit the school. They Joked around. Jackson helped them with their bags and showed them the school.

Chapter 28

            (No discussion of friendship)

Chapter 29

            P225: People of the community said their names where their from and thank you.

Chapter 30

P233: Jackson called Christine in Uganda and found out that one of the students had dies from AIDS.

Chapter 31

            P239: Jackson receives an email from his friend Sempa.

            P242: Jackson is staying at a house in town that his friend owns.

Chapter 32

            P258: Jackson, Sempa, and some others make jokes and laugh and talk about their success with the school.

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