Transportation in The Price of Stones

chapter 1

page 6 – Frank’s boss lets him borrow a company car to go home with gifts for Christmas

page 11 – Twesigye’s travelling on an overcrowded bus for a seven hour trip to Nyakagyezi for Christmas, next to a woman and her husband

chapter 2

page 15 – In the 70s Amin’s people destroyed roads constructed during Obote’s time, making the seven hour trip twenty four hours

chapter 3

page 17 – Rukungiri is the last town on Twesigye’s journey with paved roads, and it’s filled with pick-ups and motorcycle taxis

page 17 – There is also a man and a woman with three children on the bus

page 19 – Twesigye was the only one to get off the bus at Kambuga

page 21 – Frank’s land cruiser was parked beside the house

chapter 4

page 27 – Twesigye travels twenty four hours on three flights from New York to Uganda

page 27 – There’s a two hour car ride from the airport to Jinja

page 28 – Twesigye recalls riding Frank’s bike as a child

page 30 – Frank’s parents and sisters travelled by bus to visit

chapter 5

page 34 – Twesigye and his sisters ride in the truck with their brother’s coffin

chapter 6 – no mention of this topic

chapter 7

page 57 – Twesigye’s sisters walked to school when they were younger

chapter 8

page 64 – Twesigye and his wife rented an SUV in Kampala

chapter 9

page 70 – Twesigye takes a bus to Nyakagyezi from Rubuga

chapters 10-12 – no mention of this topic

chapter 13

page 104 – Twesigye walks a thirteen year old boy seven miles home

chapter 14

page 108 – An old woman walks two hours for clean water

chapter 15 – no mention of this topic

chapter 16

page 119 – Twesigye takes a plane to Uganda

page 123 – There’s no public transport in Nyakagyezi and hardly anyone owns a car

page 124 – Twesigye rides in his friend Sempa’s car from the airport

chapter 17

page 128 – Twesigye takesa 15 passenger taxi to Kampala

chapters 18-19 – no mention of this topic

chapter 20

page 152 – Twesigye rides in Sam Mugisha’s cruiser, passing an SUV containing workers that helped with the water project

chapter 21

page 160 – Twesigye borrows Sam’s cruiser to visit schools

chapter 22-24 – no mention of this topic

chapter 25

page 189 – Twesigye gets a truck to take the students to an Independence Day celebration. Most of them had never ridden in a motor vehicle

chapter 26 – no mention of this topic

chapter 27

page 205 – An old classmate of Twesigye’s pulls up to the school in a Toyota Corona with Emma Mugisha

page 209 – Twesigye gives some students rides home in the cruiser

chapter 28

page 211 – Twesigye takes two students to the fund-raising banquet in Kampala

page 219 – Traffic close to Kampala is congested

chapters 29-30 – no mention of this topic

chapter 31

page 239 – Freda, Christine, and Leonarda come by plane to the gathering of grannies in Canada

chapter 32 – no mention of this topic

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