Ethnology: The study of different culture’s patterns and behaviors to explain the differences and similarities between societies.
Anthropologists may submerge themselves in the cultures they’re studying to better understand them, as seen in this image:


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3 Responses to ethnology

  1. Megan M. says:

    Can you make the link to the photo ‘active’? Also – the definitions posted at your two citations don’t seem to correspond with your definition – are you forgetting to list another website that you looked at?

    • ethn0l0gy says:

      The assignment was to create a definition in your own words so I looked at a few definitions and thought of one that melded them together. Those two links are the main definitions I looked at. Here is another:

      • Megan M. says:

        Right, melding them into your own definition was the right thing to do – but you need to cite all the sources you looked at, not just some. The 2 you listed originally talked about creating laws and studying human history and divisions, not the things you mentioned in your definition. Thanks for adding the other link.

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