Hand Axe

Hand Axe: The hand axe is a teardrop-shaped stone created during the Paleolithic Period.  This tool was generally made of a fine-grained rock, such as flint or basalt and was formed to have a thick, flaked center and a sharp perimeter.  Although its exact use is unknown, the hand axe is believed to have been used as a tool to perform tasks such as cutting, digging, scrapping, chopping, and butchering game.  This tool has been commonly found in various continents such as Africa and Europe.

Examples of many types of hand axes can be found here: http://lgffoundation.cfsites.org/custom.php?pageid=15368

Sources: http://www.mesacc.edu/dept/d10/asb/origins/hominid_journey/handaxes.html 




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