Tiwanaku: The Tiwanaku Empire occupied portions of South America including Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile between until approximately 1100 AD, but most of the large structures were constructed between 500 and 900 AD. The capital city of the Tiwanaku Empire, Tiwanaku or Tiahuanaco, is located in present day Bolivia. After the Tiwanaku Empire dissolved around 1100 AD, the Incas discovered the capital city. The city is currently occupied by the Aymara indians. There are several structures still standing in Tiwanaku including pyramids, temples, and other sculptures. Some of these structures are pictured here.





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  1. Megan M. says:

    Great. Be sure to specifically list the sites you got information from in a ‘Citations’ section though, rather than just telling other people to visit them – they need to be clear about where you got your information.

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