Carthage: is an ancient city located in Tunisia. Carthage is located on the northwest coast line containing a seaport. The archeological site was founded as a colony of the Phoenician city of Tyre in 814 B.C. Due to archeological findings Carthage became a rich and prosperous site quickly. Interesting archeology findings still standing include elements of the Roman occupation. Other archeologists have found remains from the Punic, Roman, Byzantine and Vandal occupations. The most recent archeological findings occurred last year when a team from the University of Pittsburgh made discoveries in a cemetery outside Carthage’s main burial grounds.


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  1. Megan M. says:

    Can you add a picture or video? Thanks. Also – check your date about the most recent archaeological occupations of the site – since the city was founded in 814 B.C and lived in for centuries, we have more recent materials than 8th century BC stuff.

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