Kondoa Rock-Art Site

Background Information

-Name: Kondoa Rock-Art Site

-Location: Tanzania

-Date: Added in 2006

-Criterion III: The paintings found at the Kondoa Rock-Art Site show an extensive history of the hunter-gatherer clans that used to live in the area over millions of years.

-Criterion VI: The area described is still used by those who still live in the area as part of traditions, rituals, and ceremonies. The paintings are considered an inseparable part of the lives of the community members.

-Sites: Tanzania has 6 registered World Heritage Sites

Basic Archaeological Site Information

-Size: The archaeological site has 2,336 km sq. of art across vertical walls

-Time Period: No set time period; artwork represents millennia of paintings

-Cultural Period: No set cultural period

Archaeological Summary

This site is located on the eastern side of the Great Rift Valley in Tanzania. The Kondoa Rock Art Site, according to researchers, has vertical walls which have been used for paintings for over two million years. The value of these paintings as a historical site is both personal to the community members in the area as a ritual site, but also to show the vast history of the hunter-gatherer culture that used to inhabit this area and their transition into an agricultural culture.


-There are no known threats to the site at this time


Article: publi_wh_papers_13_en.pdf (application/pdf Object)

World Heritage Site: Kondoa Rock-Art Sites – UNESCO World Heritage Centre

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