Chaco Culture


  • Site Name: Chaco Canyon
  • Location: New Mexico, USA
  • Year of inscription: 1987
  • Nomination Criteria: (iii)  The Chaco Canyon sites graphically illustrate the architectural and engineering achievements of the Chaco Anasazi people, who overcame the harshness of the environment of the south-western United States to found a culture that dominated the area for more than four centuries.
  • Total Number of Sites in USA: 21

Basic Archaeological Site information:

  • Size: 13,750.3 ha
  • Time Period: 850-1250 AD
  • Cultural Group: Pueblo

Archaeological Summary:

Chaco Culture National Historical Park showcases the culture of the Pueblo people and their activity in the area that is now New Mexico. This site was active from 850 AD until 1250 AD. The site is home to many Pueblo buildings that were used for various societal activities.

A distinctive feature of Chaco Culture is the use of roads to connect the multiple buildings, all spread over a vast area. The Pueblo people show their complexity in their use of these roads and the arrangement of buildings to create a “city center.” As the number of roads increased, the signs of trade also increased. The region was used until people moved south into the Rio Grande region. The area remained uninhabited until the 17th century when it was overtaken by Navajo Indians.


There are no known threats at this time.



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