Nacirema Spring Rite of Passage

In the late spring nearly every Nacirema in their late adolescence attends an event almost unparalleled in its significance and formality. Though this event takes place in late spring the preparation beings months before and for the female Nacirema they begin dreaming or it years ahead of time. For the event itself the male Nacirema must make a formal request for a female Nacirema to accompany him to the event, to attend alone is a thing of much shame and as the event approaches both male and female Nacirema become less particular about who they attend with. If the need is desperate the female Nacirema may go so far as to break social mores and approach a male Nacirema to request they accompany them.

Both female and male Nacirema expend much money on the acquiring of appropriate transportation, clothing, and jewels for the event. However, it is customary for the parents of Nacirema adolescents to assist their children financially for this event, some Nacirema parents require the adolescent to pay for some aspects of the event on their own.

The male Nacirema are subordinate to the female Nacirema in this sense as the female Nacirema selects the ceremonial colors the couple wears and their arrival and departure time. The female Nacirema will spend much time and energy deciding on the colors and other details of the event, the male Nacirema for the most part will remain docile and cooperate with the female Nacirema’s choices and plans. The female Nacirema will become upset and possibly violent if the male does not comply or if some substance she desires is unavailable. The female Nacirema may even go so far as trying to manipulate those around her through false displays of emotion to evoke the sympathy of primarily the male Nacirema.

Few of the Nacirema do not attend this event, for those who do not it of often because they cannot find a member of the opposite sex to accompany them or they are fiscally unable to provide adequate clothing or other important items for the event. They are look on with pity by the rest of the Nacirema.

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