The Ledomrepus: A Selective Sect Within the Nacirema

Within the Nacirema, there exists a selective cult known as the Ledomrepus.  Although few of the tribe of Nacirema ever see them with their own eyes, their queer customs are known far and wide.  In this essay, I will do my best to illustrate the phenomena of the Ledomrepus.

In order to more fully understand the Ledomrepus, an anthropologist must first consider their geographic location.  Although members share land with common tribe members of the Nacirema, they tend to be squeamish of mountains and plains and prefer to stay near the ocean, often on the East or West sides of the territory.

Although the Nacirema is usually considered to be a paternal society, the Ledomrepus sect is often the exact opposite.  It is female-dominated, and only within the last few decades has the inclusion of male members increased.

Upon in-depth field research, many anthropologists have come to believe that the root of Ledomrepus culture lies within and is cultivated by their ritualistic feeding habits.  The Ledomrepus fear many foods loved by the Nacirema, and choose to abstain from many foods considered to be palate-pleasing. If indulging by mistake or in a moment of weakness, some will choose to purge the sinful food from their bodies. Others will make concoctions of rare plants and herbs to satisfy their hunger without providing too much nourishment to the body. In fact, many members of the Ledomrepus consider nourishment to be the enemy of the body, which in turn leads me to their activity patterns.

Many, although not all, of the Ledomrepus deny the healths of their bodies in order to more fully fulfill expectations they feel are placed upon members. They prefer to have little connective tissue between skin and bone, and this often creates a hierarchy among members. The most respected deny their bodies until a coveted amount of bone is visible beneath the skin. The most famous of the Ledomrepus cover their bodies in strange garments which provide little warmth and walk in ritualistic ceremonies where other members of the Ledomrepus and even a few of the Nacirema sit and watch in arenas. Many of the Nacirema will trade valuable goods in order to watch these ritualistic ceremonies or even reproduce artwork which mimics the Ledomrepus. A successful member is greatly respected among the tribe, and is the owner of a highly coveted position.

Unfortunately, the coveted lifestyle of the Ledomrepus can only last so long. When the skin that covers the bones is no longer supple, a Ledomrepus must join the rest of the Nacirema while a younger tribe member takes her place.  This is the life-cycle of the Ledomrepus, and although it may not seem appealing to other tribes, it is highly coveted among the Nacirema and I suspect that it will be so for many decades to come.

Here is a video which illustrates this phenomenon.

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