The Phenomen of Noisivelet Redrum

It is widely known that the Nacireman people spend hours upon hours a day worshipping a small magic box in which images appear. These magical boxes vary in size. Most of them are deemed as small, but there are some that are of epic proportions and can cover almost an entire wall in the worship room of a Naceriman household. This magical box, which nearly every single Naceriman household owns no matter their financial situation, is called a noisivelet and is worshipped almost constantly.

Nacerimans worship together and alone. Each household generally has a specific room where worship is held, but this depends on the financial situation. The more financially secure the family is, the more noisilevets are found in the household and in rooms other than the worship room. Some households have them in every room, including the sleeping rooms of the children and the food preparation rooms of the mother. Naceriman children worship in the morning before boarding a large yellow vehicle in which they take to receive education, and generally later in the day the entire family will sit on a short bed-like object together and worship.

This ritual does not seem to be anything too terrible (even though they worship excessively) except for the fact that the worship resides predominantly in watching violence. Naceriman culture has many types of worship that is displayed on the noisivelet, but none is more prevalent than the worship of redrum noisivelet. In these types of worship displayed on the noisivelet, people are ruthlessly murdered and commit terrible acts of violence. There is generally a group of Nacerimans who appear frequently on the noisivelet during the worship sequence and attempt to figure out why and how people are being murdered. The worship programs are quite terrifying, bloody, and violent. Naceriman children are exposed to this terrible type of worship.

A noisivelet has many sequences, each denoted by a different number when pushing a button on a long plastic object, and noisivelet redrum worship sequences are by far the most common in the culture. There is more than one worship sequence for each corresponding number (usually a new one every hour) and some numbers have more than one noiseivelet redrum worship sequence, sometimes as many as five. (Some of them are even specifically numbered for noisivelet redrum and show no other types of worship!) Each worship sequence depicted as noisivelet redrum has a high rate of worship (where unknown members of the society somehow count how many Naceriman households worship) and generally has the same worship format. There is at least one if not two brutal murders, the familiar Nacerimans appear, exchange lots of dialogue, and by the end of the worship, have caught the murderers. With this same worship style, it is strange that so many Nacerimans worship this way and watch other similar worship frequencies in such excess.

Many noisivelet worship frequencies go in and out of style with the Nacerimans, so it is very possible that this terrifyingly violent form of worship will soon become less interesting to the general population. We can only hope.

This photo is a depiction of a specific noisilevet redrum worhship sequence the Nacerimans have named “Criminal Minds.” This worship sequence is widely popular among Nacerimans.

Photo Credit: Nikki Finke

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