Gnitniap of the Tirips Kcor

After living in the Nacirema culture for a little more than 18 years, I have become used to most of their strange traditions and rituals. Yet there is one small community I have recently joined that does some things that don’t necessarily match with the rest of the Naciremans’ actions. The community I am speaking of is Amla Egelloc.

Amla Egelloc is a small community where young Naciremans can come to live and learn for at least four years of their lives. Located near many of the buildings where learning is done stands the Tirips Kcor. This large magical object was once found in the ground but was dug up and now has a resting place near the Wod Ecneics Building.

Over the years, the magic kcor has obtained many layers of tniap. At night, when most young Naciremans are safely in their rooms studying, a group of adventurous Naciremans will gather around the magical kcor. Yarps tniap appears while the Naciremans wait and soon they are holding bottles of it in their hands. The Tirips Kcor is covered with a new layer or two of tniap. Then, as soon as the kcor is completely covered, each Nacireman goes back to his or her previous activities. By the time the rest of the population wakes up, the Tirips Kcor is dry and looks nothing like it had the day before. But the most unusual thing about the whole process of the gnitniap of the tirips kcor is the reaction of Naciremans as they pass the newly decorated kcor. Some may smile and tell others of their part in the gnitniap. Most do not give the Tirips Kcor a passing glance, completely ignoring how their environment has changed so drastically.

I have observed this ritual a few times. I was also asked to participate in it and was able to experience it firsthand. This bizarre ritual seems to have no reason to be done yet it continues to happen. It may be linked to long ago times when gnitniap kcors was believed to help in hunting or calling upon the gods. The tradition is passed down from the older Naciremans still being educated to the younger ones that newly join Amla Egelloc. We may never know the true meaning of why this ritual/tradition is performed yet it seems like it will continue throughout the years even after the older Naciremans etaudarg (another tradition that requires much more detail and observation at this point).

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