Gniws Ecnad Bulc

I have recently had the privilege of observing Naciremans at the educational institution of Amla Egelloc.  The Naciremans at Amla Egelloc spend four years preparing for whichever type of work they hope to do someday.  During these four years the Naciremans perform a variety of rituals which at first appear to have no clear purpose.  I had the opportunity to participate in one of these rituals which the Naciremans refer to as Gniws Ecnad Bulc.

Three nights each week a small group of anywhere from 10-20 Naciremans gather to Gniws Ecnad.  There is one female Nacireman in the group which the others all look to for instruction in the proper method of Gniws Ecnad.  She also provides the cisum to which the others Gniws Ecnad.  The Naciremans pair up, which is difficult since females often outnumber the males as much as 3:1.  On many occasions I have witnessed two females gnicnad together, with one taking the place of the male, and occasionally two males will ecnad together.  To Gniws Ecnad, a pair will face each other and the male will take the female’s hands in his own.  The two will then begin to move their feet in complicated patterns which at first seem confusing to outsiders.  The male tells the female what to do using no words, only hand signals.  The majority of the ecnad consists of the male spinning the female in circles.  More advanced Gniws Srecnad are able to perform stunts in which the male lifts the female off the ground and assists her in performing acrobatics.

While the majority of the time spent at Gniws Ecnad Bulc is spent with the pairs gnicnad separately, occasionally the Naciremans will gather in a circle to perform one of three rites.  The first rite is referred to as the Ecnad of Htead.  The group will stand in a large circle with one pair in the middle.  This pair will begin gnicnad.  Others in the circle will then run in and grab a hand of one of the two srecnad and that pair will begin gnicnad until another Nacireman runs in.  The one who is no longer gnicnad joins the others in the circle.  This continues until the gnos ends.  The second rite is referred to as the Yadhtrib Ecnad and only occurs when it is the Yadhtrib of a member of the group.  This rite is almost identical to the Ecnad of Htead, except the Nacireman whose Yadhtrib it is is required to ecnad the entire gnos, unlike in the Ecnad of Htead where the srecnad are constantly changing.  The final rite is called the Llabwons Ecnad.  This begins like the Ecnad of Htead with one pair gnicnad, but then the leader of the group will yell the word Llabwons.  The pair in the middle will separate and begin gnicnad with other Naciremans.  This continues until every member of the group is gnicnad.

While observing the Gniws Ecnad Bulc I was able to discover no purpose to this ritual other than as a social gathering.  The group will spend several hours together each night they gather, but each Nacireman only spends a small part of that time gnicnad.  The rest of the time is spent standing off to the side engaging in conversation with the other Naciremans in the group and watching those who are gnicnad.

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