Individualism of the Nacirema

The Nacirema have shown to focus on the importance of the individual rather than the community.  This group organizes itself in clusters;  a few related members or clan live together in a large, wooden, pointed box.  Each box is separated into smaller divisions in which daily activities of the clan take place.  Only one clan, consisting of blood kin lives in  each box.  These boxes, however, are distributed throughout a similar land region and are known as neighborhoods.  Many boxes may be close or far away from one another a particular region.  Despite the relativity of closeness, each clan of the Nacirema does not appear to mingle with others from a differing box.  The Naciremans may share occasional facial gestures or hand movements, but they generally socialize with those living in their own box.  From the interaction I have had with the Naciremans they appear to only interact with their blood kin.  In areas of the region the Naciremans occupy, this focus on the individual and its clan can be seen throughout the change in seasons.  In some areas where heavy snow covers the paths leading up to the pointed boxes the Naciremans use a wooden stick attached at the bottom to a scoop to push the snow off the paths.  While elder Naciremans have difficulties completing this job, most of the time younger Naciremans over look this fact.  They typically only clear their own paths and do not help the elder Naciremans of the other pointed boxes.  Another exmaple of individualism of the Naciremans is provided in stances where Naciremans get their metal, wheeled motion boxes stuck in the snow.  Most of the time Naciremans of one clan do not stop and provide help to these other Naciremans, unless they happen to be of the same clan.  Naciremans view helping other Naciremans of another clan as a hinder to themselves.  They typically have shown to look out for the members of their own clan rather than the general community of Naciremans.

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