Loohcs Hgih

There are many different and interesting rituals of teenage Naciremans.  Recently, I was sent to observe one of the most important ones.  I arrived at a place that contained several buildings, hallways, and many young Naciremans.  A place the Nacireman’s called Loohcs Hgih.

I arrived on a Monday around 7:00 A.M.  In order to be able to wander around this sacred place, I had to enter one of the buildings called the Eciffo. The people in the Eciffo were older and seemed to be workers. They asked what I needed help with and I told them I was there to visit.  I was then given a Ssap s’rotisiv in which I had to sign my name on. This was my ticket into the rest of the buildings or as the Naciremans call it, the supmac.

The young Naciremans began arriving onto supmac around 7:15 A.M.  These Naciremans came in all different varieties.  Some were tall, some were short, some had long hair, some had short hair, some were female, some were male, but all belonged to this sacred supmac.  Most of them walked in packs and carried large sacs on their backs.  I was curious as to what was kept in those large sacs, and was determined to find out; but, knew it would have to happen later in the day.

At 7:30 A.M there was a series of three bells that occurred over a course of six minutes.  The first bell rang at 7:30 A.m. At that point most of the packs began separating and heading in different directions. Another bell rung at 7:35.  At this point, many Naciremans were already in their designated areas or had begun running.  The last bell rang at 7:36.  Everyone was gone from the hallways except a select few who had been gathered by a big man wearing a brightly colored shirt that read “security” on the back.

I got closer to this scene to find out what this man was saying.  He told these young Naciremans that they were late and asked each of them for their names and wrote them on a piece of paper (much like my Ssap s’rotisiv) and handed each Nacireman their own. I figured that it was much like a ticket to their destination.

The bells that had occurred at 7:30 A.M. continued throughout the day in 5o minute intervals.  Each time those bells first rang I saw the packs that I had witnessed earlier in the morning reunite by these long, rectangular metal things connected to the walls of the halls.  The Naciremans opened these things by turning a knob several times.  This is the moment I found out what was in those secretive sacs.  I watched a certain Nacireman as she opened her sac and pulled out a large square cardboard object that contained many pages of paper in between the two slabs. It was a koob. I then realized that I was in the sacred place of learning.  How precious, I thought, must this place be to these Naciremans; however, none looked too excited to be there.

At 2:30 P.M. The final bell rang.  Naciremans ran out of their destinations and rushed to their rectangular metal things.  Within ten minutes, the hallways of this hgih loohcs were empty.  After spending a day at this sacred supmac, and talking with many different Naciremans, I have come to a conclusion about this place.  A hgih loohcs is a place where teenage Naciremens spend most of their day during Monday through Friday for four years of their life.  It’s a place not only of learning educational material, but it’s a place where many Nacireman’s begin to discover who they are.  It’s just another phase in the rituals of Naciremans, but it is quite an important one.

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