Mating Rituals and Preparations of the Nacerima

      Most commonly seen in the female faction of the Nacerima, mating rituals and preparations to capture a sexual partner are like no other. The women of this culture are plagued with psychological issues, sadistic rituals and incoherent reasoning.  The entire culture seems obsessed with recreating unrealistic images in the female population, especially in the events of the seeking a mate.

      Varying between female to female, depending on the mate desired, the preparation begins with a ritual cleansing. Occurring in the rewohs, an enclave from where the holy water of the Nacerima pours, the female tactically washes. When finished, the female returns to her inner sanctum of sleep and ritual. She then uses a consecrated piece of cloth, the lewot, used specifically after the ritual of rewohs. Eyebrow hairs are ripped out with medieval tools called srezeewt; underarm, leg and vaginal hairs are removed with either a rozar, or hot wax and cloth. This process consists of mainly sadistic actions and is much too graphic for most readers, so we shall instead skip ahead.

      After the lewot the female chooses her costume for the event. This typically is something of bright colors, flashy, glittery; highly reminiscent of our animalistic instincts to be attracted to flashier, bolder specimens. Furthermore, from my own observations, the less costume the more quickly the mating process occurs. (The instincts of the Nacerima seem more closely related to former Neanderthals than the more civilized communities elsewhere in the world. There is a peculiar obsession with female breast mass, male penis magnitude, and frequency of sexual encounters.) After a long habitual practice of accepting and rejecting mating garb, the female finally settles on the very first she had on. I have asked many why this occurs, but the reactions I collect astound me. They seem as befuddled as I do and some even break down into hysterics while others become very hostile and defensive. Overall, I have concluded not to question this portion of the ritual, but one thing is certain; the female Nacerima suffer from serious psychological schisms.

      The next step that occurs is the preening. This involves first smearing mud across the females face. The mud comes in small tubes or pots and the more closely the substance matches the skin, the steeper the price. War paint in place, eyes traced with charcoal, the creation has a haunted and gaunt appearance. Lips are painted the color of blood; eyelashes are combed and coated with black tar. The entire process hails a death like picture of the Nacerima. The female, tightened into her foot device that looks like painful stilts, feels confident and ready to send out her mating call. Fellow females treat her as a deity, worshipping her attractiveness and assuring her that she will soon secure a mate.

     After my time with the Nacerima, I realize that they are a culture obsessed with a fantasy world. Women attempt to fulfill these expectations, but in the meanwhile are warped psychologically and left as mindless Sadists.

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