Nutrition Habits of the Nacirema

Nutrition Habits of the Nacirema


I have been to many cultures, travelled across the oceans and ventured through deserts, but never before have I seen such an event as in this seemingly primitive land. People of all different types come around for a similar purpose; to quench the very need that they all have in common – food.

The source of their nutrition is none other than the Massive Open Giving Tree (or the MOGT). They travel, sometimes very far in these ‘quad-mechanized whirlers’ to seek refuge within its gigantic trunk. Upon arriving at the MOGT the travellers will organize themselves unknowingly by social status; with the poor and lazy closest to the Tree, and the wealthier, time wasters furthest away – primarily for protection against some evil uncaring lowlife not noticing the damage they inflict upon other whirlers. The next step is very interesting: nomads will progress to the cattle enclosure to acquire a sturdy means of carrying their masses. Once the cattle are obtained they enter the MOGT through welcoming holes most likely carved out by worker birds and insects.

The sight is incredible, and the aroma of the freshly prepared nectar overwhelms the senses. I longed to remain in awe, taking in everything slowly, however it is almost as if the Tree secreted a sort of pollen that reacts with the people who enter it – for as soon as they enter they immediate rush off in an unknown direction, travelling at unparalleled speeds between sections of the hallowed out tree, searching for items to store for later for grazing. I have noticed a difference in people who come to this place. There are two main types: those filled with desire for anything they set eyes upon, and those who have prepared for this adventure. Those who do not anticipate the pilgrimage find themselves taking everything they see, in hopes that it will satisfy their needs. However those who plan ahead by creating ‘transcribed necessity parchment’ find themselves wasting less time among the others and only scavenging for what they truly need. This cultural behavior is truly fascinating.

However, every adventure must come to an end. Once the cattle cannot carry any more, the wanderers head back to where they started and consult with the High Priest of Passage. This Priest (or Priestess) seems to hold immense power. All persons must pass through one in order to be granted leave of the Tree. Each item held by the cattle is checked, as if some horrible spirit may escape into the outside world. The pilgrims and the Priest then exchange some form of gratitude which I have yet to uncover the true meaning – it appears as simple elements formed in creative manners, yet it must represent something on a deeper, perhaps spiritual manner. Upon approval of the Priest the pilgrims leave with their items to journey home again. It will not be long, and they will return to the Massive Open Giving Tree.

A rare but beautiful image of one of the various MOGT’s:


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